Monday, January 28, 2008

I Love You Too

4-year-old C is into maps lately, big into maps. World maps, maps of the U.S., puzzles of South America, Europe, Africa, etc. Loves to sing the United States song listing the states in alpha order. Lovely!

Here's a few days ago at breakfast:

Mom, I love you as big as the United States.

Aww, honey, that's so sweet. I love you too.

Mom, I love Daddy as big as the world.


Mom, the world is bigger than the United States.

(smile) Yes dear, yes it is. (sigh)


Miss Spider said...

They are so honest at that age, aren't they? LOL!

Maria said...

Wow!! My dd is almost 10 and I get: "No offense, mom, but I'd rather spend time alone with just Dad."

Um. Okay?

I love that she loves her DAd, tho!