Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Viva Las Vegas

Today shouldn't be bad... we're off to the gym so that C can take the kiddie ballet class and I can be alone for a bit to shower in peace. (maybe i'll even exercise a bit!) Then, thank you god, my mom flies in. She'll arrive at our place in time for me to take C to piano while she stays home with little J. After C's 2pm piano class is my 4:30 dentist appt. Then C's 7:15 swimming class.

Why cram all of this in? Because tomorrow we drive back to St. Louis and will be in a car all day. (oh yeah, i suppose i should pack all three of us at some point today too, huh?) Then the day after, C & I fly to Vegas to visit some friends.

If I get a few moments, I'll pop in for a post and to surf the others that I've been discovering. Otherwise, fun details to come as soon as we get back!

BTW, I must brag for a moment about the amazing parallel parking job I pulled off yesterday. There was a spot right in front of our place, and I was determined to squirm in there. Made it, with only a few inches to spare on each end! I may even take a picture -- might motivate me to learn how to post them here.... Anyway, now I have to figure out how to get back out of it.

Happy Weekend, if a bit early!

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