Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Six Candles

Yes, Folks, that law about inertia is so true! A blogger who is at rest tends to stay at rest. I keep thinking, "yeah, i should do a post tonight," and then *bang* I'm sacked out. Another issue is that the computer is a desktop that lives in a corner of our downstairs. And life increasingly is not in a corner of the downstairs. What I want is a laptop computer. That way it can live in my lap, wherever that lap may be. (george, i am cyber-smacking you right now for whatever comment you are thinking!) But alas, there is not a big pile of moolah sitting around doing nothing right now, so here I am, in a corner of the basement, in the dark because Urban Kid 2 still needs to be put into a PakNPlay to fall asleep before being moved to her Big Girl Bed.

Enough excuses. Here's what's what:

Urban Kid 1 is about to turn 6yo, and we are trying to figure out what to do. So far, we've gotten away with not really doing an official, real birthday party. We've done low-key family things. Last year, it was a fun date with Daddy around the city. The year before, it was two friends coming over for a tour of the local firehouse and a couple of games and cake at the apartment. Before that, Best Namma Ever! coming up to hang out with us.

But now she's coming onto 6yo. And she's going to birthday parties. And some of these parties are damn expensive nice. People renting out Pump It Up! and going to plays and such. She wants this. She wants a party and friends and favors and goodies bags and a venue.


But it's been a big summer for Urban Kid 1. She got her first library card, lost her first tooth (and there's a second one loosening up, too), learned how to ride her bike, got a passport, went on a huge roadtrip and continues her quest to be a decorator.

Perhaps we should top off the big summer? Perhaps she's old enough now for a party? To enjoy and appreciate and remember it? This was the conversation between Urban Dad & me.

Then we investigated the price at a place we knew she would love. $400. $400! Before providing our own cake, balloons, goodie bags, plates & forks, tips, etc. So really, closer to $500.


Sorry, Urban Kid 1. That's almost halfway to that laptop computer. That's a full-on Botox treatment that I keep whining that I want. That's Piano and Swimming classes for the Fall and Winter.

In other words, No ****ing Way.

So now we are investigating our gym. Perhaps we could invite some friends to join her at the climbing wall. Hell, I'm certified now. I could belay a few shorties up the wall if it helps. I've seen other groups do this, followed by cake and goodie bags in a particular area of the lobby near the climbing wall.

Or maybe, we invite three of her girlfriends over, cab them downtown, toss everyone into a carriage ride, cab them home, then cake and giggles and goodie bags.

It could be worse. She could be turning 21. I intend to hide under my bed for that one. If she turns out to be anything like I was at 21, anyway.

Such are the dramas with the Urban Family just now.


Anonymous said...

I vote for the carriage ride downtown..that sounds awesome! Kids party can cost a bundle. Hang in there..and I'm glad your back to posting. :)
Tammy in Germany

Uptown Girl said...

My youngest sister has the same cheap bday party every year... ever since she was about 4 I think (and she is now 14). And it is sooo simple:

Invite girls over to house, ask them to bring dress-up clothes. Spend forever doing hair, make-up, and dress-up. Do a fashion show where you take their pictures 1 by 1, describe the look, etc. (each year there is a different theme: 80s, America's Next Top Model, Rock Star...)

Eat cake. Go home (and if you have a digital camera/printer, or a polaroid, you can send them home with the picture of themself in a plastic frame as the goody).

Anyway, it is best to have some older girls around (teenagers if possible, or even some other moms) to help with the primping and make the girls feel cool and important.

My sister's friends all do crazy $$$ parties (limos, venues, NYC, american girl doll store, etc), but at her cheap parties I always hear at least 1 of said friends exclaim "this is the best party EVER!!!" Muahahahaha....

Ok, this is the only bday party idea I have so I thought I'd share :)
Whatever you do... good luck with the 6 year olds and def save your $$ for the laptop!
[sorry this is such a long comment...]

rita said...

Good idea, UG! Ugh. I'm not saying UGh, just trying to save time, and boy look how well that worked.

Two of my grandkids live in Florida and their mommy (my daughter) works part-time for Disney. Let me tell you, that is convenient. She can get herself and family in free and all of A's friends have family passes to the big WDW. She's had two birthday parties now at 1) WDW and the Rainforest Cafe (she gets 50% off any meal that time of year), and 2) just (just.) at the Rainforest Cafe. Again, 50% off. So for around $125, A has a grand old time and the kids love her.

Also, my sister usually sends them a $125 gift certificate for the RC at Christmas, sooooo......

Yeah. No help, I know. but that's how my daughter has handled A's birthdays. B2 hasn't had any parties yet; just taking him into one of the parks for the day is party enough for him.

By the by, if you really really want a laptop for oh, $500 say, I got one. My little HP tablet notebook (cool touchscreen, which the grandkids love and I hate) (they love to draw and write "stories" on the journal in their own handwriting--seeeee, good for kids) cost over $1000 last October, but the hard drive isn't as big as I'd like (I'd already filled it with photos by June) and for a 12" computer, it's too heavy, and I haul mine everywhere I go. It has a dvd burner/label burner, webcam (you know how you could use that....) and all kinds of crap. You could even have the remaining few months on Norton.

Really. $500, excellent bargain.

And let the girls play dress-up!

Mothership said...

I agree with Uptown Girl. My children have been to the range of expensive to cheap parties and they all love the cheap ones the most. Kids like playing Pin the Tail on the Donkey because they don't ever get to anymore. They like helping frost the birthday cupcakes because no one cares if they make a mess. They like watching their friends open the gifts they chose for them (and sometimes even pay for with their own money). They like to be together and if you rent the roller rink, they won't be.

My daughter's fifth birthday was a Fancy Nancy party. The kids (girls and boys) came dressed up. Accents were required. I dressed up, too, and called everyone "darling" and we all had a great time. I wasn't stressed or broke at the end of the day.

Good luck and HAVE FUN.