Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Decorative Future?

As long as I have Urban Kid 1 on the brain, allow me to follow up on an old post: A Decorative Winter.

Urban Kid 1 has this idea that she wants to be a decorator. Frankly, that suits Urban Dad and me just fine. If the homeschooling thing works out like we hope, she'll end up with a durn guhd edjyukayshun. And frankly, we'd be okay with sending her to design school instead of college (this from a set of parents who each have two B.A.'s).

Urban Kid 1's godmother is a designer who has completely and beautifully revamped a couple of giganto houses, one of which ended up in Luxe magazine and another in some swanky Utah home magazine. Imagine what U-Kid 1 could learn and who she could meet if her first job at sixteen was to work for her godmother?

But a few recent examples of her passion for design:

She's been allowed to stay up late on Sunday nights to watch this:

She gets so giddy over the privilege, you'd think we'd offered her her first martini! No wait, that's how I get over a martini. And all we have to say on Sunday is, "do you want to stay up tonight to watch Design Star?" and she snaps back to perfect behavior.

At 8p on weeknights, Urban Dad & I are often busy with getting Urban Kid 2 to bed and getting ourselves organized. Urban Kid 1 is left with the Electronic Babysitter set to House Hunters. This makes her deliriously happy. And she has an uncanny talent for picking the winning house!

(sidenote: a good thing about HGTV... you can leave the room and not worry about the commercials. with sports, it's a slew of products to help men go all night -- or not go, as the case may be -- , spots for horror movies that scare the pants off of U-Dad & me, etc. HGTV? Spots for paint, maybe flooring, even cleaning supplies. Safe stuff, that HGTV!)

Urban Kid 1 recently drew out a careful floorplan of an entire house and explained the exhaustive details of why everything was where it was. Yes, we soooo need to show this to her godmother.

She continues to want a sidetable for her 6th birthday. A sidetable! Not a Wii system or a wardrobe of princess dresses or a trip to American Girl. No. A sidetable.

When at our gym's Kids' Club, she plays House Hunters. The college kids who work there try to keep up, but are not sure how to respond when a 5yo declares that she has her doubts about one particular house because "it has an unfinished basement."

So who knows where this will lead if it keeps up? Perhaps she'll be on whatever form Design Star takes on in 20 years. Perhaps she'll open her own design firm and take the world by storm. Perhaps she'll end up managing a Pottery Barn.

Wherever it goes, I feel confident that my room in the nursing home will look damn good.


Mothership said...

That is awwwsome!! Hahaha! I love kids who know their own minds and are allowed to HAVE their own minds. Good job, Mom and Dad. This is a great "in" to get excited about math.

Cathy Adamkiewicz said...

Urbannn Mommmm! (Wow, I feel like a teenaged girl on facebook!) I'm glad you commented on my (oft-ignored by me these days) blog because it reminded me to visit you and see how awesome you remain.
And I am quite jealous that you have a decorator in the house. :)

Uptown Girl said...

i'm amazed by your daughter.
a sidetable!???!!!?!?!!? crazy, but sooo adorable. She sounds very smart, I need halp picking a small side table for my bedroom...

Tammy said...

Sweet..a sidetable! Keep up the good work, she knows what she likes!
Tammy in Germany :)

rita said...

I love that child! We're trying to get our house ready to sell; want to loan her to us? I might be able to do some of the homeschooling if she can't do second grade math yet.

Also, I need some tips on decorating my office at work. It's too....ugly.