Friday, September 25, 2009

Control Issues + Nostalgia = Weird Post

I love office supplies.  Is that weird?  There's something that makes it all feel like a fresh start is so possible, like the potential of a new season or a new undertaking is within reach, even just at your fingertips.  It's one of the things that I like about Back To School Season... even more so than New Year's Eve or my birthday, I feel like a whole world of possibilities and accomplishments are within reach.  All I need is the exact right calendar.  Or the exact right notebook.  Or the exact right desk organizer.  Yeah, the reality is that it usually ends up as unnecessary.  The exact right calendar has turned out to be my phone (lovin' my Palm Centro for that one). 

And the exact right notebook right now is either the Memo section of said phone, or the long skinny notebook that I picked up for $1 at a now-forgotten stop on Road Trip 2009 that has this on the cover:

And desk organizers don't work for the Urbans.  Piles of My Stuff and His Stuff work better.  Don't touch the pile that isn't yours, and domestic peace will reign.

But I did like shopping for notebooks and such that I need for Urban Kid 1's school stuff for the year.  And I used to like that during school for myself.  Elementary school, junior high, high school, college, back-to-college, teaching.....  loved shopping for school supplies.

And tonight, I learned that the good people at Mead have re-launched this.

I'm a child of the 80's.  And frankly, said childhood was a bit weird.  Maybe even a lot, depending on who I'm standing next to.  (compared to U-Dad, I lived a life of stability and sunshine comparable only to an old black and white family sitcom... hence our thick filters around the Urban Kids)

But this.

What is it about this that glosses over so many memories?  The fact that I could control so little, but dammit, I could control this much?  I could control the outcome of one freakin' thing?

I suppose shrinks -- or preferably my long-time friends -- would have a few thoughts on the topic.  But of all the school supplies that I ever loved, I loved my Trapper Keeper!

And now, it's back!

I don't need one.  I'm all set on my organizational system for this school year.

I've always been a bit suspicious of nostalgia.  For example, I've happily passed on two high school reunions so far. 

But still.... Maybe I need to stop into a Staples or Office Depot just to ... y'know ... look at it.  No harm in just looking at it, right?

(Y'suppose I need to get out more?)


Anonymous said...

A lot of the school supply lists I saw this year specifically said "NO Trapper Keepers".
What was up with that?

I remember these too, tho I think my was green and handed down from an older sister. And the tv commercials...

Urban Mom said...

*gasp* The commercials! I'd completely forgotten!

And I'm sorry, but NO Trapper Keepers? Just another sign of a decling educational system, I suppose (*sigh*). {to my teacher friends who come by...i'm JOKING}

Hen Jen said...

sigh, I love office supply stores, and I love to buy notebooks!

I don't think I had a trapper keeper, I had lots of toys, but it seems like no one thought of the little nice things for us, like nice school supplies...we just got what we got pretty much, no new backpacks, I just used the old one that we had forever.

I don't get that about my childhood, I love making sure my kids have school supplies..?

Uptown Girl said...

I had a purple TrapperKeeper. It was a beautiful way to separate my doodles from science class from my doodles from social studies.

And Urban Mom, I have a story for you. On Friday night I was at a "girls night" and the hostess was telling us about her recent visit to Chicago and how she is thinking of moving there.
I say "oh I have a couple friends in Chicago who really like it". My sister Liza says "real friends or blog friends? are you referring to Urban Mom?" And she caught me. I said "ok 1 real college friend and 1 virtual friend. Whatever."

I really have no idea why I felt the need to even make the comment to begin with about my whole Chicago posse, but thought it was pretty funny and worth passing on!
So next time you think you are weird for loving school supplies, you can think of this story. or something. i forget where i was going with that.

rita said...

LOVE office supply stores! But then, I love kitchen supply stores, too, and I don't cook. At all.

I'm too old for Trapper Keepers, but my kids had them. The height of my high school supply-buying was when I was a senior and one of the notebook (binder, to you youngsters) companies came out with PLAID COVERS. Oh yes. Not those old tired blue ones. PLAID. I saw the commercials. I cried because our hick town didn't have any of them things, and my mommy wasn't going to go out of town for such a foolish thing. BUT--my best friend's dad DID, and they took me, and, be still my heart, I got my PLAID notebook.

*sigh* Good times, good times.

The Wannabe Redhead said...

I love office/school supplies too. I had a trapper keeper in my younger years & wouldn't let go of it until it completely crumbled to pieces.
My love of said supplies carried into my adulthood. At my last job (where I spent four years), all of my co-workers knew how attached I was to MY supplies at MY desk. So much that when we had to move offices, we color-coded everything so that MY two-hole punch didn't get confused with SOMEONE ELSE'S two-hole punch.
Crazy? Maybe. But I choose to believe I know what I like :)

G said...

I love office/school supplies too - new notebooks, brand-new pens, planners, little tiny notebooks....