Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday, Urban Kid 2!

Three years ago today, our youngest -- and last-minute -- tax deduction came into the world.  And in a strange turn of events that I have yet to see in a shortie, Urban Kid 2 is denying that the day is happening!  She began her day by rolling over on her stomach, shoving her head under her pillow and declaring, "it's not my birthday!"  And all day long, she has denied the day.  I have a "Today Is My Birthday" button that I let each Urban Kid parade around on their special day; Urban Kid 2 has tried several times to take it off.  When we ask how old she is, she insists that she is still two.

Yes, my Urban Kid 2 is all girl.  Denying that her birthday is happening and lying about her age!

Frankly, it's an approach that I'll likely copy at my next birthday.........

Happy New Year, Everyone!

PS: Sorry about the privacy thing.  I had to hand over my new little Asus friend to my future BIL for an overnight visit. I became concerned about if he could see what websites I'd surfed.  And siit'nce my little corner of the blogosphere here is my deep, dark secret, I had to take a small precaution.  Hopefully, he did not also stumble across the "How To Make It Look Like An Accident" website that I was perusing.  (Ok, really, I'm over-exaggerating terribly on that one.)

PPS: Uptown Girl, I love my new little Asus 1005!  Try to get a six-cell battery, as it lasts almost as long as I'm on line.  And indulge in upgrading it from 1GB to 2GB -- speeds things up and makes streaming video nice and clear.


Amy said...

My son who is 11 years cried when he turned 8. SEven was just so great!

Happy birthday to your little one!

Mothership said...

My recently turned four year old was asked to make her bed this morning. Her response, "But I'm little. I'm so free (three) still!"


I think UK2 knows that she's about to get more chores, now that three is here!

Uptown Girl said...

welcome back! upgrade to 2GB, 6cell battery, got it. my new years rezzie is to get a cute little Asus.
By the time Urban Kid 2 is a teenager I bet she'll lie about her age in the opposite direction saying she's 21... (like me- I always say I'm 21).

rita said...

I'm so jealous; here I bought that stupid tablet notebook a year ago and it's so slow that it drives me nuts. I really would have been better off with something more powerful. The Special Ed department here all have netbooks and they LOVE them. I mean, $200 each as opposed to $1500 each?