Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Oh Joy

If anyone needs me, I'll be in the back of my closet with a bottle of wine, a very long straw, a Botox brochure in one hand and a Spanx catalog in the other.


Anonymous said...
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Mothership said...

Happy Birthday!

Uptown Girl said...

Hope that today is the beginning of an AMAZING year in your life.
<3 UG

Hen Jen said...

it'll be okay, really!

just be the hot 40 ish mom, that is the best revenge.

I also spend time looking at the rail thin 19 year olds and think to myself...I used to be THINNER! than you, just wait for married life/motherhood, twinky!

Happy Birthday!

ohio12 said...

happy birthday! my birthday is in February too..I think it is a great time to have a birthday. you will have to let me know how the 40s are. they are just around the corner for me. but my 30s are better than my maybe 40s will be even better?!? right? right?

Tammy said...

Happy Birthday! I'll join you except on Sunday I'll be 43. Botox is looking good! ;)

rita said...

Happy birthday! I agree, you'll be the hot mom that all the boys will lust over.

Today is my daughter's oh-my-God-she's-38th birthday. Oh my God. I'm old enough to be your mother. And I'll never win any hot grandma contests.

Anonymous said...

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