Monday, February 8, 2010

An Anniversary, Of Sorts

Fifteen years ago today, I locked myself out of my cute fifth-floor studio apartment.  There was no getting into Apartment 517.  And the super wasn't home.  Nor were any of the neighbors that I knew.

And who the hell had a cell phone back then??  Certainly not a low-level corporate peon.

The only neighbor that I knew of that was home was The Cute Guy Down The Hall In Apartment 507.  I had chatted with him only briefly a few months earlier.  Afterwards, I had thought, "He seems nice. And I need some new friends. I bet if he has a girlfriend that she would be really nice to know too."

I was beyond embarrassed to stand there in the hallway at his door, feeling idiotic about being locked out.

He opened the door to what he referred to later as a "gift from heaven dropped on my doorstep."  Except that I was in gym clothes, in dire need of a shower after having just worked out at the corporate fitness center after an already-long day at the office.  Ponytail, mascara to my chin, the whole nine.

The Cute Guy Down The Hall In Apartment 507 babysat me and chatted me up until the super came home. 

The Rest, as they say, Is History.

Love you, Urban Dad!

(more of a post soon, but strep has come for an extended stay to the urban household -- u-dad is the only man standing the last several days)


The Wannabe Redhead said...

That's truly the sweetest story! Made my heart melt. All of us single gals hope we have a story like that someday!!

Happy Anniversary ;)

Hen Jen said...

wonderful story! for sure want to hear more. Hope you are all well soon. Heard you had an earthquake out that way, how was it?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

great read. I would love to follow you on twitter.

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Anonymous said...; You saved my day again.

rita said...

Ain't spammers great?

Much much better story than the way I met my second husband *cough*yahoopersonals*cough*.

I hope that you are all well and strep-free by now.

Uptown Girl said...

This story is so touching!! And inspiring to a single girl like me... Maybe I should just knock on all my neighbors' doors with some excuse to stay if I happen to find a cute guy?

Thanks for the inspiration, sorry about all your spam :-/

wankette said...

What an adorable story!!
And frankly, a better meet-cute than most recent romantic comedies...
Came by to say "Bwah!" as re: your Apolo hair-porn comment at Threedonia. It's nice to get some girl appreciation after all the boys there get so. dang. pissy! about it. :P
May I swipe that phrase for a future Hubba; you will get full credit.

Urban Mom said...

Wankette, my friend, I cannot tell a lie. I first heard "hair porn" from June Cleaver After A Six-Pack. She's MIA in the blogosphere (but surfaces on Facebook pretty regularly), but she seems like the generous sort, dontcha think? =-)

wankette said...

Ah, Our June. Okay: now that you mention it, I probably read it there the same time you did.
But if you won't tell, I won;'t.