Thursday, December 11, 2008

Now THAT'S A Playdate!

A while back, I shared with you how the Urban Kids' Godmother takes U-Kid 1 out on the town for a "playdate." Today, U-Kid 1 and The Godmother went out for their Christmas playdate (last year at Christmas was when they started this new tradition... oxymoron though that is).

So here's how today went:

The Godmother arrived at about 9:45am, bearing gifts for Urban Kid 2. She had picked up this little number, which looks just adorable on her. The less adorable part was her running around screaming and trying to tear it off, but, um, I chalked that up to her needing a nap. (yeah, i know that it was only 9:45)

Then she and U-Kid 1 took off to the theater, where they went to see Hansel & Gretel, put on by a company that exclusively puts on children's programming. Seems that they softened the "child abandonment" part of the story, going instead with the idea that H&G broke the "don't go into the woods alone" rule instead. But the rest was pretty true to the story -- a creepy witch, a kid in a cage, the witch kicked into the oven. The Godmother said that U-Kid 1 wanted to leave at on point, but that she decided to muster up her courage and stay. And after the show, she raved about what a great time that she had. Oh, and did I mention that they were in the first row right in the center?
After the show, the ladies went shopping at a fun children's boutique nearby called LMNOP.

And U-Kid 1 scored this deliriously fun hat:

Get it? It's a tea pot! The Godmother said it best: "She looks like something out of a Dr. Seuss book!"

After the show, they went to the Salt & Pepper diner for lunch. Where U-Kid 1 got crazy -- just ask her -- and ordered breakfast for lunch. (It was crazy, Mom!) The Godmother must think that these kids don't get fed at home. U-Kid 1 snarfed down pancakes, bacon, bananas -- everything that was put in front of her.
Then they went for manicures. U-Kid 1's current favorite color is Essie's Bermuda Shorts. (yes, my 5-year-old fashionista has a favorite nail polish color...)
And the manicurits even added little bits of silver glitter on some nails and little white flowers on others.

Okay, Godmother, when do I get to have a playdate with you?


melissa said...

Dude! What a day! That is the cutest hat EVER. I mean that. EVER.

Stephanie said...

A fabulous day, to be sure.

Tiffany (aka T, Tiffers, Tiffster, and Pally) said...

Two things:
1-that is the BEST HAT EV-ER!
2-where can I score me a Godmother like THAT?!
Merry Christmas to the whole Urban Gang!

XX, Tiffany

Urban Mom said...

Tiffany, I didn't even think about the nail polish color until I just now read your comment. Bermuda Shorts! LOL!

(no, i don't get out much.....)


Karen said...

Okay - why don't I have a Godmother? fairy or otherwise? I need to find one of these for each of my girls. Cute nail polish.

G said...

That is the MOST fantastic hat EVER! I want a playdate like that!

My 5 year old loves any fingernail polish color... you just gave me an idea for a stocking stuffer!

Laura said...

Needless to say...I'm feeling like a big slacker of a Godmother.

Jenny in Ca said...

gosh, I need a fairy Godmother!

would she adopt me??

sounds like such great memories!!