Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Babysitter!!! A REAL Babysitter!

Ok, I am waaaayyyy too excited about this. It's just dinner with another couple this evening. And I'll explain later why we're having dinner with these good friends tonight, a school night.

But here's the important thing: we're getting a babysitter! Oh no, not Best Namma Ever!, although she is the Best Babysitter Ever! as well. But no working around her schedule and waiting for her to arrive in town. We are paying for one. Paying for a college kid to come to our house. So that we can have a dinner with two adults. Think of it -- dinner companions that don't whine or pout or chew with their mouths open or drop their food on the floor or announce a need for personal biological functions. Oh no. Those dinner companions will be at home. With a babysitter!

Can you tell that we rarely do this?

It's snowing like gangbusters, but that's ok. The babysitter (!!!!!) is taking the el. And Urban Dad & I are meeting our friends at a favorite neighborhood restaurant. Which means that it's within walking distance.

Ok, I have to scoot. I want to wipe down the kitchen again and clean the bathroom for the babysitter. I want her to like it here. I want her to want to come back again someday. Someday soon.


Laura said...

I am quite sure that that is a huge relief.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Enjoy your date night! :)
Tammy in Germany

Jenny in Ca said...

So, how was the date?

We used to have this large family with girls babysit for us, usually once a week for our date night, and their mom made them charge us outrageously cheap rates as a blessing to us. I know a good thing when I see it...so I made sure my kids were a joy to be with, and I stocked the house with snacks and teen-pleasing microwavable dinners. And I cleaned and made sure there was nothing they had to do but play with the kids, keep them alive and put them to bed...I made dinner in advance for the kids and got them in their p.j's.

you are onto a good strategy there...keep the sitters very happy!