Sunday, December 21, 2008

I'm Here! Really!

It's been a while. But I haven't had too much time to myself lately. Just enough to bang out a comment here and there on Crackbook, but not enough to collect my thoughts and put together a real blog post. Which I want to do!

But here are the highlights:

Urban Dad had his knee surgery last Thursday. He's been nothing but sunshine and love ever since (that's a big dripping heap of sarcasm right there...). But he's off of the oxycontin and took the last antibiotic and Celebrex today. Maybe he'll lighten the hell up soon. But really, he's hanging in there. I wouldn't trade places with him. Then again, he hasn't been able to change a diaper since his surgery........

We made the drive to the Mothership of Best Namma Ever!'s house last night. Our 5-6 hour drive turned into seven as we went through snow and ice until Bloomington-Normal, which is about the halfway point. After that, things cleared. But we didn't get in until almost midnight. Urban Kid 1 saw her first midnight ever and was over the moon about it. Urban Kid 2 was excited too, but I'm not sure that she really knew why. Urban Dad was nothing but sunshine and love for the entire trip. (see above)

But we're here and did it before temps dropped into the sub-zero range across Illinois. And we're in Best Namma Ever!'s ever-lovin' arms. And if the Pink Power Ranger ever gets her tookus over here, we'll make a gingerbread house. She's en route, and it's not like anyone is going to give her a speeding ticket, so she should be here soon.

In case I don't get another moment alone, Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!


ohio12 said...

I was kinda wondering where you went. We get to drive to Kansas on the 26th. 15 hours. But at least my DH is not a gimpy right now. I do always get secretly mad if he gets sick because he is my only helper with the kids. Have a blessed Christmas.

Laura said...

Happy Holidays...I gave you a little recoginition badge...I don't think you even "Play" that, but that's kind of the meaning of the badge.

Jenny in Ca said...

I hope Urban dad is feeling better!

I hope you had a great Christmas!

june cleaver said...

Hey Kid... no need to netflix the entire 1st season of Life. Just go on and watch it for free without commercials-

Happy New Year!