Sunday, May 24, 2009

Do They Still Make Sun-In?

Oh Good Lord, have I been a lazy blogger! I can only do a fraction of the justice that the various this-and-that's actually deserve, but we'll just do a Cliff Notes of what's important.

Namely: I will not be as blonde as I should be this summer. And that's ok. I can white-knuckle it. (For now.) You see, I had a hair appointment on Saturday morning with Lee the Hair Whisperer. As such, I was hunting down videos for Urban Kid 1 that don't make my skull split for one reason or another (another post). And reminding Urban Dad over and over and over again that I would take U-Kid 1 off his hands for the morning, but he was on the hook with U-Kid 2.

Backstory time: Lee the Hair Whisperer has been preggers of late. This was quite a surprise to her since 1.) she's 46 and 2.) she wasn't actively trying to get preggers. In fact, when she missed a period, she thought she was starting menopause. The baby's father immediately started e-mailing her links to abortion clinics. When she made it clear that she was thrilled to have and raise this baby, with or without him, he became The Invisible Man. So she's been on her own. Not only has she handled this well, she's straight-up embraced the entire challenge. I'm in awe of this woman.

Knowing her due date, I made an appointment for a month before. And another for soon after her return. Starting on Wednesday, I was counting the hours until I could joyfully sit in her chair, drop some earphones onto U-K 1 and gossip heartily while Lee worked her magic.

But on Wednesday night, Lee went into sudden labor, as in massively hemorraging. Thirty minutes later, she was in emergency surgery, delivering a beautiful baby girl appropriately named Grace. They both nearly returned to their Creator as a package deal, but are doing much, much better now. Little Grace came in at 6 lbs, 2 oz and is doing a little time in an incubator to make sure that her lungs are good and ready for The Big World. If she's anything like her mom, she'll be good at working the chat, so let's get those lungs up for what's coming!

But yeah, Lee was a little tied up on Saturday a.m.
It's hair, people. Although I occasionally toy with the idea of renaming this blog Urbane Mom, I'll never be that bad.

BTW, meet Grace:

Gorgeous hair, of course.


Mothership said...

Oh, wow. How scary. Hooray for your friend and her baby--hooray that she had baby Grace in 2009 so they could both be saved.

My sister recently discovered that she is expecting--her oldest will be in college when he is born. You never know.

ohio12 said...

Sorry about your hair. I know I don't do well ithout my highlights.

Last week my hair lady cut these long wisps in the front of my hair to "frame my face." I kept trying to like them, but had a couple of glasses of wine the other night and CUT THEM OFF. They were just laying there in the bathroom sink. I do like it better now though.

And I do wish I could still use Sun-In. That stuff got me through high school.

Smook said...

If you feel like travelin north, I can hook you up with my crazy hair stylist. I like her, she is good with the hair and color.. but just a little south of sane. I am thinking it is time for some highlights again...

rita said...

What a beautiful baby!

Dy said...

Oh, she is a gorgeous little one! Yay for birth! (Sorry to hear 'bout the timing, and the scare, though - eek. I'm glad she's okay.)

And what is UP with Sun-In? They do still make it. I tried it two summers ago, and although it's not like my head just detonated, it did, slowly, almost imperceptably, try to off itself. By the end of summer, I had the remnants of a burnt cotton ball atop my head, with fried little squirrel tail bits just dangling near my shoulders. It was horrific.