Tuesday, May 26, 2009

It's Time To Turn OFF THE TV

As you know, I'm currently plowing my way through all of the episodes of "24" that I've stacked up on the DVR since "Redemption" was on last November. And that my arms hurt.
And I have a confession to make:
Every time I see this guy... which is often during this particular stretch...
All I can think is that he looks like this guy.

So this brings me to a few conclusions:
1. These two were possibly separated at birth.
2. I am watching too much "24."
3. I am watching too much "Blues Clues."
4. I need to get back to that book that I was reading (Crichton's "State of Fear")
5. My brain hurts.
6. My arms hurt.


Uptown Girl said...

I think you are right, they look like brothers!

melissa said...

O.k., I just read the post below this one, and can I just say .."wow". I bow in humble reverence. As a huge 24 fan, I can say without any hesitancy that you, my friend, will have FABULOUS looking arms. (Ouch!)

rita said...

I am so glad that I didn't see that photo before I saw most of this season's 24.

We finally got a dvr. Tuesday. Too late for 24.

This year.

(Costco had season 7 on dvd the day after the season ended. Too bad we have no money.)

rita said...

Google New Moon movie Italy and look at Robward without a shirt.

Him, I mean. You can take yours off too, but you don't have to.

Urban Mom said...

Rita, you are hilarious!

rita said...

Did I say too much in the Robward comments yesterday? Tell me to tone it down and I will.

I can't talk like that on my blog because my mom and husband read it. I think I might need another blog.

rita said...

Crap. That was June's blog that I had verbal diarrhea on.

I love you both!

Hen Jen said...

that reminds me of some sitcom I stumbled onto one night years ago, I turned it on just in time to see the mom character wake up in bed next to "Steve". She was shocked. He explained that it happened alot to moms of preschoolers. Then I think they made out, and then she woke up.
I thought it was hilarious!

I always thought Steve had more talent, but that Joe was much cuter...but I don't share that with dh...

my blue's clues days are long gone, my oldest is 7 now.