Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Decorative Winter

Urban Dad & I try hard to be conscientious about what and how much TV the Urban Kids consume. It's all but impossible to raise kids today without plugging into the Massive Marketing Machine of Life. But we try to be careful about how far we get pulled in and in what direction. And with it being wintertime, and this past December and January being particularly snowy and sub-zero, we've resigned ourselves to using the Electronic Babysitter a bit more often.

For example, not a day goes by without this crew:

And we cross paths with this crew several times a week, too:

And even this guy pops into our living room now and then, although the episode about "The Hounds of Baskerville" creeped out U-Kid 1, thus stalling her desire for more: (personally, I love the retro hair and clothes)
You see, while I can't stand Winter and carefully watch for signs of Spring, U-Dad is great about the cold weather. He's the dad that bundles up the kids and throws them outside, taking them out to help shovel the sidewalk, build a snowman, walk to the coffee shop for a chocolate chip cookie and milk.....

But this winter has been different, what with his (stupid) knee situation. So more indoor time. More football watching. And what else can one watch with the kids on a long Saturday and/or Sunday afternoon?

Never let someone tell you that TV doesn't affect children..........

U-Kid 1 now recognizes her


and her

and him.

And she will argue passionately when watching this,

making statement such as, "oh, those floors are awful! they're too orange! don't choose that house!"

She now is determined that she will be a decorator and has assured her parents and grandmother that she when she grows up she will gladly decorate our homes for the whoppingly bargain price of $1.00.

She re-arranges blankets and pictures and toys and books in her room, draping necklaces here and there and creating all-important "storage." Then she'll excitedly come get the nearest adult to come in for The Big Reveal, where she will carefully explain each change and how it's an improvement for said snagged adult.

Oh, and she wants a sidetable for her birthday (which isn't until September).

Luckily, her Godmother is a licensed decorator. And licensed decorators are allowed to enter and shop in The Merchandise Mart.
So we figure that we'll go with this Winter of HGTV and see if perhaps U-Kid 1 can tag along for a shopping trip "playdate" sometime in the near future. We're pretty sure that it'll blow her sweet little mind.
Maybe she'll pick up a sidetable, too?


Jenny in Ca said...

she wants a sidetable for her birthday...that just slays me, what a hoot!

we love wishbone here, but it has been a while since we've caught one.

I don't let my kids watch very many on t.v. shows..we didn't have our t.v. hooked up for 5 years, so that influences that some, the desire/habit is not there...Dora is one we don't watch, but...the other night I was making dinner and dd5 came home upset, so I turned it on for her, and she got really into it, which was cute. But oh goodness, the loudness and the constant party music drove me mad. I don't think we will turn that one on again...

we like The spiderpatch (miss spider) and Oswald, little bear. We used to love Blues Clues back in the day...

have fun on your trip!

Jenni said...

Too funny!

Lori said...

my 4yo and i used to recline in bed watching house hunters and try to predict which house they would choose, then argue for our favorites!