Monday, January 11, 2010

Out There On The Googly-Net

I SHOULD do a real post.  I HAVE things on my mind.  IMPORTANT things.  Ok, NOT so important things, but THINGS nonetheless that bang around inside my head.  But do I sit down and type it out?  NO.  Instead, I goof around watching and doing THIS kind of stuff.


BTW, have you ever Google'd yourself?  Be honest now.......

More soon.


Uptown Girl said...

is that a serious question? is the sky blue?

It is one of my favorite past times. Although most of the stuff that comes up with my name isn't about me... I just like to make sure it stays that way and I know what my dates know about me! Luckily Uptown Girl is a pretty common name ;)

Hen Jen said...

yes, I have..only after reading fiction story where this is done, it hadn't actually ever occurred to me before.

I ended up with a complex, the other people with both my married name and my maiden had more interesting/accomplished lives than I do. I felt very prodded to go back to school or something.

I got over it, after a while...