Friday, February 15, 2008

Good News vs Bad News

The Bad News: My wallet is gone. Ugh. What a sick feeling. Whether I lost it or whether someone assisted me in losing it remains undetermined. Either way, I feel like I should have been more savvy. The search has been exhaustive and fruitless and left me feeling like a rube.

Best case scenario: Someone took the cash and tossed the rest. Perhaps the rest will come back to me, even.

Worst case scenarios: ID theft; someone has the names of everyone in our household, our address and pictures of our kids. Again.... UGH.

Credit card has been cancelled. ATM card too. Replacing the driver's license will be a pain in the tookus.

The Good News: Car Keys Have Returned! I always travel with both sets of keys, esp. with wanting to warm up the car while loading kiddies. One set has been missing for a few weeks now. A disaster waiting to happen!

Today while loading up the kiddies, an older gentleman pulled up behind us to wait for our space. After I loaded them, he honked and waved me over. In a very thick Russian accent he asked, "you lose keys? about two weeks ago?"

This man had found the keys in the snow right next to the car. He realized that they worked for our car, so he took them in and left a note on our car. (never saw it) He's been watching for our car and for us ever since.

I tried to give him $20 for his trouble, but he refused. I explained that it would have cost me $90 to replace the key, but he still refused.

Thank you Car Key Angel Man!


Rachel said...

I so pray that it shows up. I'll never forget the time I lost my wallet.....we were leaving the next day for Disneyland and I had just gone to the bank and had about 800 dollars in my wallet. I literally felt sick to my stomach. Turns out I left it on a bench in front of WalMart and some employee turned it in......all the money was there and they wouldn't accept a reward either.......but I sure prayed a special prayer on them that night!!!

Randi said...

It is good that you cancelled all your cards. Even if someone decides to try using them, you won't have to pay the bill.

It is neat that your keys were found!