Saturday, February 9, 2008

Long Strange Trip to Chicago

Getting home after Vegas was somewhat, well, involved.

The Best Namma Ever, the two girls and I piled into the CR/V in St. Louis on a beautiful, sunny, oddly warm day. Perfect for a drive across Illinois! As we gathered ourselves fueling up on gas for the car and Starbucks for the grown-ups, we got a call warning us that our turnoff to I-55 was a mess due to a 12-car pile-up caused by fog. What fog???????

We snaked north through Alton, taking the long way to 55, but feeling that it was smarter than sitting in a parking lot of traffic. Alas, the fog came hard, fast and THICK. All around us, what we could see around us, were people going no more than 40mph and using their hazards. I'll spare you too many details, it was like this without a break all the way to Bloomington-Normal, about in the middle of the state. And a 5-hour drive across the state turned into a 5-hour ordeal just to B-N. Finally, we stopped. The word from Chicago was that it was just as thick there, plus it was raining. Add nightfall into the equation, and things were just ridiculous. I had my mom and kids with me. Why do something stupid? So we stopped at the Quality Inn -- we HAD to find a place with a POOL after cooping up a 4-year-old in the car all day. She got to jump on the beds to her little heart's content, frolic in the pool and walk (we were DONE with the car!) to Cracker Barrel with Best Namma Ever to get dinner while I gave little J a bath.

The next morning, it took us two hours to zip the rest of the way home.

Finally, I'm trying to learn how to post pictures here. My wonderful husband (and he is!) doesn't want me to post pictures of the kids. Understandable. But I figure that I'll try this with a picture that isn't current. That should be safe enough, right?

Drum roll please.......................
Ok, this is C at a few weeks old. And she's at the top of the page instead of down here. Hmph.
This should keep me awake tonight.
Happy Weekend, All!

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Maria said...

Aw, sweet picture...loved the posts on your travels!