Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Thimple Thoughths

It sheemsh that I grind my teethhh. According to my dentisht over the lasht few yearsh, I need to get a mouthguard made to protect thhhem. Sheemsh that I'll grind them down to liddle nubth if I don't take acthon shoon. But a shtupid mouthguard ith expenthif! Finally, at my lasht vithit, the dentisht shed that I could pay 400-dollarsh for one now, or 800-dollarsh per tooth thoo crown them all lader. Tho here I am. It theemth a shtupid amount thoo pay for a shtupid peeth of plathtic. Bud the huthband athoores me that ith fine. Heeeth jusht fine with shnugglin up with a mouthguard-wearing shweetie. Gee, I feel shoooo shexsheee.

Yet more shnoe again yeshtherday. Ugh. Will Shpring ever come? Thime to go wake the kiddeeth. Thoon, I'll have to come ub with nicknameth for them for thith blog. Perhapth that will be my goal for Thurthday.

Happy Wednethday!

1 comment:

Tonia said...

Too funny! How long did it take you to get all that written? Took me awhile to decipher it! LOL