Saturday, February 23, 2008

Signs of Spring

Yeah, ok, it's only still February. But you have to look forward, right? Right???? And at about this time of year, I find myself on the lookout for signs that another winter is in the past, that the temps will start inching up, that at some point we might even -- here's the irony -- whine about the heat..... So here are the signs of Spring that I've seen so far. Feel free to chime in with your own!

1. Cubs tickets went on sale yesterday. I'm from St. Louis, so I'm trying to raise Cardinal fans in a neighborhood that requires special parking permits on Cub game days (this is in addition to the regular neighborhood parking permits. and if you have guests, you have to check the game schedule to see which permit to put on their car, etc). But Cubs tickets on sale means that Spring is coming. There will be throngs of folks clogging local traffic and delaying Urban Dad's commute home. I will decide whether or not to move the car based on if there's an afternoon game. People will soon be wearing shorts, jerseys, caps, flip-flops and blue bracelets that say "it's gonna happen."

(A tangent, if I may... such is the beauty of being a Cards fan... eventually, IT DOES HAPPEN! Haaaaahhhaaahhhhhhaaaaaaaaa!)

2. I saw sandals available for purchase in a store window.

3. Urban Kid 2 has outgrown most of her warm turtlenecks. I am having an impossible time finding more. Shorts and sandals, however, are in large supply. (maddening..... but let's try to keep the positive spin here, shall we?)

4. The second semester is well underway at Great Big Urban High School. The seniors are starting to get a bit itchy and restless.

5. Urban Dad and I actually have to enter the idea of "Spring Break" into our plans. Should we leave town? Should we stay and take care of a few things? Yes, we get to discuss Spring Break as if it is actually on the horizon!

6. It might hit a blistering 40-degrees this weekend. Yes, there's plenty more snow and cold coming in a few days. But it actually feels like a normal temperature in which people were meant to live, thrive even! Some of the ice on the sidewalks, grass and streets might trickle away, revealing god-knows-what underneath. (note: dog owners in this neighborhood can be a bit, um, lazy during a cold snap) Up side -- MUCH easier to get into and out of the car!

7. While skating to our car a few days ago, Urban Kid 1 exclaimed, "a leaf! a leaf!" Ok, it was a brown, dead thing getting tossed around by the breeze, but I like how she was thinking.

8. Maria over at Eclectically Yours ( has posted a countdown until we change our clocks.

Ok, your turn. What signs have YOU seen?


Rachel said... that you mention it

My fruit tree has a new bud on it
Bathing suits are flying high in the local K-Mart
I couldn't find a sweatshirt for my 15yo son to save my life
Oranges are getting a bit sour
my pool is looking pretty inviting even if there is still snow on the ground

momanna98 said...

Cardinal fan?!?!? Ugh... Go back from whence you came. Just kidding... ;-) I actually saw the daffodils poking out of the ground the other day. I was so excited!