Sunday, May 25, 2008

A Day In Pictures

Wow! Yesterday was busy. But a fun busy. A productive busy. A run-this-kid-til-she-drops busy.

Urban Kid 1 has been asking to hang out with Urban Dad (like she never sees him?). Urban Kid 2 has been a touch cranky, recovering from ear infections like she is (perhaps her taking a turn with the antibiotic route will FINALLY defeat the Super Snot Bug of 2008!). So U-Dad took UK1 to travel around the city doing errands.

First, they drove up to Evanston. U-Dad needed one more thing from the lumber yard up there for his it's-a-perfectly-good-outdoor-table-it-just-needs-a-new-top project.

After that, it was off to two different locations of this:

U-Dad noticed that some of his students who were also taking Ceramics were making some very cool teapots and teacups. He e-mailed pictures to the Regional Director and asked if perhaps they would like to sell some artwork from Great Big Urban High School students. And she agreed! So he and UK1 went to the two stores that will have the goods on sale so that he could introduce himself. He'll drive the students and their wares there on Tuesday after school.

One of these locations was down in the Loop. So they got to ride this:

And what kid doesn't love that?

And as long as you're in the Loop and have a kid with you, you have to stop here:

Kids use the bottom slant as a slide. If you sit on your jacket, you go faster!

They stopped in at home for a quick visit, then they were off to here:

There's one across the street from Great Big Urban High School. Usually, it's just a treat for road trips. But tonight fell into the "special" category. (yeah, there's a marketing guy doing a backflip somewhere. and i used to work at Great Big Ad Agency that had them as a client, so i may even know the backflipping guy)

But I digress...

After a lovely dinner, they were off to one of these in the parking lot of Great Big Urban High School this weekend:

I don't think UK1 quite got on that particular ride. But she did a bunch and came back past her bedtime and wound up TIGHT! I got the honor of putting her to bed..... You knew there would be a payback, right?

So what did UK2 and I do? We took a long, leisurely walk here:

The store in my neighborhood is closing. Apparently, MY business alone was not enough to keep it going. Now I have to hike here to shop at Lucy:

'Cause THAT'S so easy to drop in on......

But UK2 napped and was otherwise cooperative while I got $200 worth of stuff for $70. And this was round two. I was there last weekend working that closing sale too. So yeah, I think I'm set on that and can stop the madness now.

So a fun day all around, I think. Today was more laid-back. Tomorrow, I might catch up to my friend who started me on this blogging thing.

Hope you're all having a wonderful long weekend!


Jenny in Ca said...

sounds like a fun, busy day! How cool about the slide thing, would not have known that at all...

neat about your dh's students selling their art, what a great experience for them.

liked all the photos, really looked like a busy, full day.

Maria said...

Great photos! Some I recognize some I have NO IDEA>>>like Lucy? Never heard of it. But I"m all for shopping!

I"m a hick from the sticks!

Gillian said...

Sounds like a great productive day!