Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Parking Gods

The Parking Gods Smiled on Urban Dad today....

First, Urban Dad woke up today and said, "I can't do it... I'm calling in sick." He then proceeded to sleep until almost 9:30. He's the last of the four of us to fall to the Spring Snot Bug of 2008 and worked that much-deserved sleep-in.

Second, once he was up, he collected Urban Kid 1 (boy, was SHE surprised to see him shuffle into the kitchen) and took off to Evanston. He needed something from a lumberyard there and missed their hours during the weekend.

So there's the set-up. But you see, it's a street cleaning day today.
AND an afternoon Cubs game. I carefully parked the car on the "legal" side of the street yesterday. I figured that he was so seriously out of luck when he got home. I pictured him driving for hours looking for a space that would not cost us a $50 love-note from Mayor Daley. I pictured him unable to even stash the car at a meter for a few hours until the street cleaning hours were up.

Nope. He scored rock star parking right in front of the house!!!

Now, you realize of course, that we cannot move the car again this weekend. Afternoon Cubs games all weekend long.

Anyone wanna swap an Urban Kid for a parking space?
(you know I'm kidding.....mostly......)

We seem to be on the mend here. UK2 and I have white in the whites of our eyes again. UK1 isn't hacking as much. U-Dad is even feeling better than he did this morning. Best Namma Ever! decided that her work here is done and is likely home in St. Louis by now.

And it's warm enough to walk UK1 to Art class today, which is good. (did I mention not moving the car?)

Happy Thursday!

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Maria said...

Glad everyone is on the mend and UDad stayed home, everyone needs a sick day now and again.

And did you say CUBS??!!