Thursday, May 8, 2008

Hack Job, etc.

Sorry to be out of touch for a few days... Urban Kid 1 is fighting a nasty cough/cold. For the past 3-4 nights, she's been hacking like a 30-year smoker, has to come into the bathroom to hock loogies ( gross...) and inevitably ends up in bed with us, since our bedroom is right across the hall from the bathroom. So the three of us end up nuzzled together in our queen-size bed while Typhoid Mary hacks, coughs, spits, asks for tissues to wipe her nose, etc. I have no idea how Urban Dad is getting himself going at 5:25am and charging through his day!

So we're a little off our game here... But we're seeing the doctor today to find out why she is either getting worse or holding steady rather than improving. I'm hoping that very soon I can stop saying, "DON'T lick your upper lip!! GET A TISSUE!"

In other news, I'm getting my eyes lasered on Monday to fix my atrocious eyesight. My corneas are too thin for LASIK, so I'm getting PRK instead. Yesterday, Urban Dad took the day off so that I could go for my pre-op appointment. This turned out to be the most thorough eye exam of my life! What I didn't realize was that the doc would dilate my pupils. When I arrived at the office (Northwestern Hospital downtown), it was overcast and raining. Of course, when I was time to leave, the skies cleared and the sun had come out. And I realized with striking clarity how everything downtown is so shiny and reflective! Would it have killed me to put my prescription sunglasses in my purse, even if it was raining when I left??? Thank goodness I had sense enough to take the bus rather than drive. This way, I barely had to look up from the sidewalk while waiting and could close my eyes once settled in a seat.

Hoping to be my cheery old self in the next post! Hang in there with me!


Gillian said...

Good luck with the laser work, and hope UK1 feels better soon! ...why DON'T they ever use tisuues? ;)

Jenni said...

Ugh! I hope UK1 feels better soon. And take your vitamins! That's an order! No sense letting it get you.

I've thought about LASIK and PRK, but I'm a big chicken. Oh, and broke right now too. You'll have to share your experience with it. It would be nice to never worry about contacts or glasses again.

Thank you for your kind words, btw. You are too sweet.

Maria said...

Oh, I"ve always wanted to do lasik!! I can't wait to see how that works for you, I know a few people who've had it done and LOVE it! I wear contacts but my glasses are thick like Coke bottles. No exageration.