Saturday, May 31, 2008

Quick Update

Hi Everyone,

First, thank you so much for all of your kind replies to my last post. I tried to check e-mail, etc yesterday and really enjoyed them. I couldn't see well enough to do much else. But it made my day to read at least that much!

Second, I'm still a bit fuzzy on reading things. Most things are quite clear, deleriously, joyfully, wonderfully clear. I definitely turned a corner today and am seeing where this is all going to end up. But the newspaper and computer give me a headache still.

Lucky me, I can catch up on a bit of TV viewing, at least. I recorded last week's LOST, plus this week's finale. So once I get these Urban Kids to bed, it's a stack of Thin Mints, some milk and some overdosing on LOST.

Details on the eye thing in a few more days. But wanted to check in and say that I miss looking at all of your blogs! Hope to catch up soon!


Karen said...

Enjoy your Lost. I hope your recovery is quick and smooth.

Maria said...

I SO have to even start LOST. I'm waiting to have ceaseless hours of time. Like when I"m 80...or maybe get LASIK surgery!

Glad you're recovering!

Rachel said...

Take care of your eyeballs! LOST was great so enjoy