Thursday, June 19, 2008

Dear Spaminator:

Dear Spaminator:

You know who you are. You're the one sending seven e-mails every. flipping. day. to your entirely-too-long "to:" list. Allow me to point out what should really be obvious:

1. Unless you are Mark Wahlberg, there are not that many e-mails that I want from anyone. Ever.

2. I want to get in my inbox and get out. So I delete most of the things that you send. Besides, I've probably seen several of them already anyway.

3. Get a blog. It's a wonderful way to allow people to pop by at their own leisure to check out what jokes and videos you think are amusing or interesting. And it keeps you out of my inbox. Especially when I'm on vacation.

4. Finally, if you do indeed have time to send seven or more jokes/videos every day, may I suggest a little less time in front of the computer? Perhaps step outside and take in a bit of sunshine and fresh air? See a few real-life people? Seriously, sometimes I actually worry about you a little.

Irritatedly yours,
Urban Mom

(on a lighter note: swank-a-licius dinner is tonight... room re-do is coming along.... details on both soon!)


Dy said...

Ahhh, just got all caught up over a cup of coffee. YAY for summer break! I hope the U-fam has a fantastic summer.

SO glad the eye doc visit went well. How are you feeling?

Gasped and cringed, then snickered and snorted, and eventually full-out belly laughed over the series of posts on the bathroom lock-in. Oh. My. Word. It's never dull, is it? Never, ever dull. :-D

Rachel said...

Amen to the Spaminator......get a life already!

I'm glad to hear the eye ordeal went well and you are on the road to recovery

Jenni said...

What? My SIL sends you those emails too? I'll ask her to stop.

G said...

Yes, but if s/he puts it all on a blog, what are the actual chances of anyone reading it? Then s/he will have no purpose in life...