Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Almost There (I Think)

The bandage contacts are out...thankyouthankyouthankyoucauseihatedthosethings... but the vision was still fuzzy.

Today is better. Left eye is pretty darn good, actually. Right eye is still pretty fuzzy. So the world is lopsided. And it makes me headachy and a bit queasy after too long.

The Urban Dad is going into finals now too. Being rather slow on the computer, he relies on me for grade entry. Again with the headachy and a bit queasy, but what takes me 45 minutes takes him about three days. And at finals time, he just doesn't have three days.

In the meantime, Best Namma Ever! was selected for jury duty. Apparently, being the mother of the Pink Power Ranger did not get her booted. And if it's the case that I think that it is, it's a murder case. Ugh. Think a happy thought for the BNE!

More soon, really! But right now I'm a bit, well, headachy. And queasy.


Maria said...

Sorry you're lopsided, as it were. My mom was just on jury duty...she's dreaded it for years because she has anxiety issues...but she did it and found the process fascinating..she learned alot...hmmm, maybe BNE! can tutor some civics classes for you? ;0

Dy said...

Oh, I'm glad to hear you're healing. Try not to push yourself too hard- let those beautiful eyes do their healing, okay? (I know, I know - telling a wife and mother not to push herself and just rest is like telling the wind not to blow - but I'm practicing for my role as an old lady, okay? It's my compulsion, and how I show I care.) :-)