Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Short Stories

Short Story #1:

The backstory: Urban Kid 1 is friends with Little Molly. They played together a lot at the gym. Molly's Mommy and I figured this out and began hanging out, eventually becoming friends. Then Molly's Mommy met Las Vegas Guy and went head over heels. They moved out there in November to "spend the winter" and are still there. UK1 misses her terribly.

Me: (while looking at a text message) Molly's Mommy is engaged! Las Vegas Guy proposed last night!

U-Dad: That's great! Good for them.

UK1: (slowly, with wide eyes and a very quiet voice filled with worry) Will she still be Molly's Mommy??

Much reassuring followed that yes, indeed, she would still be Molly's Mommy. And that before she is anything for the rest of her life, that she would be Molly's Mommy. That Molly was going to come out just fine in all of this.

Short Story #2:

Backstory: I'm on my way into the eye doctor's office building downtown when my cell phone rings. Also, "Mike" is our wonderful landlord.

U-Dad: Hi! So are you downtown yet?

Me: Yes, just about to go into the building.

U-Dad: Uh-huh, that's great. Soooo, um, where's that key that Mike gave you that unlocks the downstairs bathroom from outside? (he sounds entirely too bright and cheery)

Me: Hanging on the kitchen bulletin board. Why?

U-Dad: Wha'? Oh, um, no reason. So where on the bulletin board? Top half? Lower half?

Me: I don't know. I just pinned it up there when he gave it to me a couple of years ago. It's a skinny piece of metal wound into a loop on one end. You just put it into the hole in the doorknob and why are you asking me this?

U-Dad: No reason, just wondered. (sounding hurried) Ok, good luck at the doctor's office. Let me know how it goes!


Eye Update: Vision is now 20/40, so I'm legal to drive without correction! Doc expects that it will continue to improve over the next month.

Hope everyone's week is going well!


Maria said...

But how did story number 2 turn out?? HUH? HUH? I gotta go...I mean, KNOW!

G said...

Story Number Two sounds like a scary story.... really.

What DID happen?

Glad your eyes are doing well!

Mom2legomaniacs said...

YAH! You can see, you can see! So glad you are healing well. YAH!

Jenny in Ca said...

glad to hear that your eyes are coming along no glasses, woo-hoo!!

Sky had his eyes done a few years ago, and he says it's one of the best things he ever did.

...we've learned with most bathroom doors that a screwdriver or a bobby-pin work well if you can't find the key-thingy, even a coat hanger will do- you just got to figure out the trick of how to jiggle it...I practiced during a non-emergency when we moved into this house.

so, what happened? Do we get the rest of the story?