Saturday, October 11, 2008

Bad News & Good News

The Bad News:

Urban Kid 1 has been sick with viral croup. The fever came and went a few days ago, but her energy level is down. And she can barely speak above a whisper. We went to see a Children's theater thing today, but she wasn't much into it. She was so tired. We came home, she crabbed for a bit, then she went down for a two-hour nap. But her breathing isn't nearly as raspy as it was a few days ago, and I think she's on the upswing.

We barely have a grocery in the house. Guess how I might be planning another glamorous Saturday night?

The Good News:

Urban Kid 1 is going to get her first manicure tomorrow (such my little fashionista.....).

The Chicago Marathon is tomorrow and comes through our neighborhood. This is always a hugely festive thing in every neighborhood the marathon comes through as each one gets to show off its own personality to tens of thousands of folks.

While Urban Kid 1 sacked out this afternoon, Urban Kid 2 got some one-on-one time with U-Dad. They went to the park, to Jamba Juice, all around the neighborhood. Good fun!

It's absolutely beautiful here in Chicago! It's in the 70s and wonderful! And we need to enjoy it because this is likely it until Spring! Posts after this weekend will often include "someone get me out of this frozen hell!"

For reasons of our own, starting several months ago, we mostly started liquidating a lot of our stocks. So we've mainly stuffed our mattresses (aka: money markets) with cash and are sitting tight. Our next decision is when to go shopping for cheap stocks.

So there ya go. Another day of wall-to-wall excitement!!

Hope all is well in your worlds. ;-)


melissa said...

Aww..I hope that UK1 is all better tomorrow.(So as to enjoy her manicure in all it's complete glory!) The marathon would be very cool! (Not to run...but you sit on the steps with some coffee or something...and WATCH) Enjoy the weather!

Katy said...

So sorry about UK1. To answer your LOST question, I think I lean a little towards Sawyer. I love how he nicknames people. The LOST ABC website has a Sawyer nickname generator. Mine is Munchkin. Enjoy your weekend!

Darcy @ LWM3B said...

So with ya' on enjoying the last of it. this is likely our final hoo-rah, too.

get well soon.

word verification = yoetcwus
just to show ya' how much I love ya'.

Lorna said...

Get well soon UK1. I have never had a manicure. I am feeling a bit behind!
Best wishes with the mattress money. My grandad lived through the Depression and I remember him taking us for a walk to the bank. He walked along a street and visited every bank on the street. I learned a lot about money watching him.