Monday, October 13, 2008

Chicago Marathon

The Chicago Marathon was this past Sunday. It's the only Sunday morning each year that I actually hop out of bed bright and early and scurry down to the end of my block. You see, we're at about the 8-mile mark, and 45,000 people run by at the end of the street. It's a sight to behold.

I imagine it is for the runners, too. You see, the runners get a taste of each of the neighborhoods that the race take them through, as locals proudly show off their cultures. For example, in Chinatown, they get something like this:

In Pilsen, they'll see something like this:

Of course, when downtown, they might see this:

At the end of my block in my neck of the woods known as "Boys' Town?" Ummm. Well, this guy:

And this guy:

As well as........

And let's not forget....

(bless their hearts for actually posing for me!)

And these guys are R.O.T.C. -- Righteously Outrageous Twirling Corps. They entertain the runners by dressing in semi-military garb and twirling their rifles to disco music. I think this one was taken to "It's Raining Men."
Here are a few shots of the street before the runners came through. It's bizarre to see it so empty!

There were tons of lead vehicles, but I only managed to pop off a shot of one. (U-Kid 1 has been charged with informing U-Dad that I need a new camera for Christmas.....)

These guys were next, and they are a truly amazing and inspiring sight!

And then came all of the people! Any shots that I tried to get of the lead runners were too blurry. They're pretty speedy, those guys. And did I mention what I want for Christmas?
But the droves and droves of runners came next. And that's always such a fun scene!

This pooch always has the coolest view of these kinds of events, don't cha think? On warm nights, he hangs out there and "chats" with passers-by.

So every year in mid-October, I head out and do some serious people-watching for an hour or so. It never fails to both entertain and inspire!

Now ask me when was the last time I went to the gym (ahem, guilty look, ahem)...........


Cathy Adamkiewicz said...

This weekend I'm walking a half-marathon in Des Moines. Somehow I don't think the sights will be as interesting...

melissa said...

I for one am NOT going to ask you when you last went to the gym. In a bit of a funk aout that myself, right now.

But what an AWESOME post! I loved the pictures, and getting to "see" the marathon. Really great!!

Jenni said...

Boys' Town, huh? That's some interesting culture there!

Katy said...

That would be so fun to watch. Notice I said watch.

Lorna said...

I love community events, especially when everyone shows off their cultural heritage. It is so good to have that buzz of community spirit. Long live the city!

Heather said...

Wow! What a difference a few hours makes. Don't think the Des Moines marathon will look anything like this! Ah, Des Moines... did you know it's French for, The city of no culture? HAR!!