Saturday, October 4, 2008

Feelin' Funky.....

Ok, I haven't posted in a bit. Y'know why? First, Best Namma Ever! returned with Urban Kid 1 and stayed a few wonderful days. And she doesn't know about this blog. And the computer is in the same room as where she stays. So that explains the first few days.

Then lately, I've been in a funk. And who wants to hear about that? Seriously, why are you still reading?

Because who wants to hear me whine about nothing? And so I haven't posted.

Maybe it's the cooler weather.

Or the shorter days.

Or that I'm so premenstrual that I want to scream.

Oh wait. I have.

Or that I'm currently reading "The Kindergarten Wars." Good Gawd, are these people tedious.Or that I had a boatload of things reserved at the library, only to finally wonder why I hadn't heard anything. And then I found that half of the boatload had arrived, sat there and then was scattered back across the city to the far-flung various branches from which they came because I never received any notice that they had arrived!

Or there was the friend of mine whose children attend the same school as a great, big, famous political candidate. And one day GBFPC's eldest child unexpectedly ended up in our friend's kitchen. And the breathlessness with which she told the story made me want to reach over and shake her and say, "get over this celebrity worship bullsh*t already!" Instead, I widened my eyes and asked what the Secret Service guys were wearing.

Jeans, by the way.

Or attending a dinner at this same friend's house and sitting next to someone who has an otherwise lovely South Carolina accent, but who is completely bombed. And who says to the group in a strange mixture of drawl and slur: "So is anyone here a fan of (political candidate who U-Dad & I happen to like)? 'Cause I think I should ask before I go on!" And U-Dad & I sat quietly because 1.) it's not our house, 2.) we're outnumbered and 3.) we're polite enough to not get drunk and talk politics with people we've only just met.

{Clearly, this particular friend also does not know of this blog. =-) }

Geez, I am in a mood!

So today, I indulged myself. I haven't left the house all day, thus taking an Initiative Vacation Day. The Urban Kids and I hung out and played a bit while I got some laundry accomplished. Then U-Dad took U-Kid 1 for a bike ride and ice cream and miniature golf while U-Kid 2 napped. Then he collected U-Kid 2 and dropped off U-Kid 1. And U-Kid 1 watched Dora while I took a refreshing shower.

I think it's running its course here. And some of it is just that being this cranky is flat out boring!

'Cause you know what? I have nothing to complain about. Absolutely freakin' nothing. And instead of being a self-involved mope here, I need to get my arms and brain complely around that fact and thank God every flippin' day for it.

I'm starting to annoy myself here. Which means things will be on the upswing once again very soon.

Oh, and it looks like O.J. will get at least 15 years, so that brightened my day a bit too.

Are you still here? My, you are a generous soul. Tell you what... go give some love to a dear friend who actually deserves it!

I'll be back soon and back to my old self! In the meantime, I'm having a lovely time catching up on all of your blogs! Frankly, dishing to all of you has been strangely therapeutic..... thanks for listening!


Jenni said...

I've been in a mood lately too. I don't know why. I've been busy getting ready for a weeklong trip to Ohio and it takes a full week to prepare for a trip that lasts a week. Why is vacation so much work? But I'm really thankful I get to go.

Cheryl Lage said...

Omigosh you've cheered me in your self-inflicted heckling...loved this post -- could it be a misery loves its own thing?

Glad to have found you...will be back!

Tonia said...

Have you been passing that mood around? I've been feeling the same way! Hope you get out of yours soon!

Laura said...

Umm....the O.J. thing?
L-o-v-e it.
I'm in a mood too.
Today I was just going to post this sentence.
"Sorry folks, I just don't feel like it."
...But now I'm gonna save it for another day when I REALLY don't feel like it.
"Feel like what?" You may ask..

ohio12 said...

I have been really down as well. I am obsessing about how screwed up the economy is, dh and I are watching Madmen and it is SO depressing. I did start a blog finally if you want to see. (although that got me down too, because I can't decide where to take it.) any tips? -Laura

Tiffany (aka T, Tiffers, Tiffster, and Pally) said...

Ha ha ha ha. I've been feeling like a Crank-Monster too. Well, your post did make me laugh so thanks for helping a sister out. I hope you're feeling better.
Its mom doesn't know about my blog either. Love her to death, but I'd censor myself too much.

Jenny in Ca said...

I chuckled over this post in sympathy, I've had days like that-you are saying some of the things I think but don't actually say out loud!!

I find that a trip to the cheesecake factory usually helps- it's girl food, chocolate...and I didn't have to make or serve any of it!