Thursday, October 30, 2008

Paging Urban Mom...

Ok, wow. Where have I been? Busy busy busy with the usual life stuff, I guess. Just like you, no doubt.

The overlapping visits of Pink Power Ranger and Best Namma Ever! were fantastic. That said, I had to go get a bit of dental work while just PPR was here. I left her to get the Urban Kids started with their day and even left a few bits of school work for U-Kid 1 to do, assuring PPR that I would likely be about two hours.

But did you know that most people only require one shot of novacaine? And would you like to guess how many it took little me? FOUR. And that takes TIME. Although, once it all finally kicked in, I was convinced that the corner of my mouth was melting into my ear, leaving me looking like Two-Face from the Batman movie.

And U-Kid 1 gave PPR a hard time. Thank God PPR is a cop who deals with maniacal lunatics on a regular basis, so this seemed like nothing to her. But still, she was doing me a huge favor! So U-Kid 1 got a gigantic, endless earful about that. Then U-Dad came home, and she heard about it from him. That's the part that always gets her, of course.

BNE! arrived on Wednesday evening, thus allowing her and her two daughters to drink a bottle of wine and play Death Uno. I've described Death Uno before.... feel free to catch up, if you like. And U-Kid 1 is getting into Uno now, too. And is just as deadly! Sweet little grasshopper...... I sense that someday the student shall become the master.....

Having two babysitters allowed me to slip out for a blowout at the Aveda Institute, where a student did my hair for half of the price of a pro.

Then U-Dad & I attended a wedding. It was the first time that we'd attended a cocktail party with a wedding in the middle of it, and it was fantastic! They rented out a place called A New Leaf. And the bar was open before the ceremony. When everyone was called to the wedding, folks brought their drinks (would it be relevant now to mention that many of the guests were from Vegas? i don't know if that's relevant.....). The ceremony was heartfelt and beautiful, but light too because the bride & groom were having so much fun. And it was the first wedding I'd attended where I could hear ice clinking in glasses during the ceremony!

Also, this friend has a daughter from her previous marriage. Can I divert here for a minute? This marriage didn't last until the end of the pregnancy. My friend.... living in Texas.... pretty much figured out that her husband had a girlfriend. And they had plans to move to Atlanta. And the girlfriend did too. So my friend -- five months pregnant -- ordered her own moving truck and went back to Chicago. And the pregnancy was a hard one. Imagine having kidney stones, but not being able to do the treatment to break them up because you could lose the baby. And then early labor. While on a business trip. It was one thing after another, and this friend was unimaginably strong.

And I love that it paid off. She met a fantastic man... who happens to live in Vegas. She and her daughter moved out there. And during the ring exchange of the ceremony, they brought the daughter up to the front and gave her a necklace with three rings on it, designed especially for her, to symbolize the new family that they'd created.

I went over the edge and started crying. The whole thing just had me so pulled in!

Then it was off to the bar area again, where waiters brought around wine and munchies.

To be honest, U-Dad and I talked to each other more than anyone else. Maybe that's bad, but we don't get a lot of time alone to just talk. And catch up. And kick around ideas.

On Saturday night, we still had BNE! as a sitter, so we went to Les Nomades for our anniversary dinner. Every year we go here. And I love it. And if you have followed this blog for very long, you know that any opportunity to not eat my cooking is to be jumped upon with enthusiasm.

Since then, it's been running around, running around and running around. I have a list of things to dish about, but have had a bit of trouble getting three thoughts together and sitting down to do it. I'll try to get it together soon!

In the meantime, have a great weekend! And Happy Halloween!
U-Kid 1 is going the fairy route. U-Kid 2 will be a black cat. Unless she contines to refuse to wear the ears. Then she'll be a cat burglar.



kidletsmum said...

I'm not sentimental and I don't cry at weddings, but I just teared up at your story of the inclusion of the daughter in her mom and new dad's wedding. Gorgeous! (But seriously, what is wrong with me that I'm crying at wedding stories???)

ohio12 said...

Any way we can see a picture of your fancy hair?

melissa said...

I read your post.
I clicked on your links.

And...we can no longer be friends.

You realize this, don't you?

How smart of you to go to Aveda for a blowout!! And the wedding sounds like SO much fun!!
And, yes...the'd you like the hair?
WHICH REMINDS ME....awhile back you posted something about a photo shoot. That story just BEGS telling. C'
Glad that you got to get out for awhile with the awesome Udad. Sounds like just what you were looking for!

Urban Mom said...

Melissa, is that from the "I Want..." post? When I was on a shoot in LA? I was on the production crew. And it was an outdoor shoot during a record-breaking heatwave, so I'm afraid I was quite gross. =-(

However, I *did* look fab-u-lous for our outings last week (hee hee).

Ohio12, I'm afraid that we didn't get any pictures with me in them! You know how it goes... mom is always the photographer, never in the pictures, right?

Kidletsmum, I used to be the same way. My mom cries at the drop of a hat at any movie, wedding, etc. I think I'm becoming her as the years go by.............