Thursday, February 5, 2009

Date Night & Girls' Night, Back-to-Back

A day late, a dollar short... that' s how I roll sometimes.

Last weekend, the Pink Power Ranger had a few days off and decided to drive up to see her sister, BIL & nieces. Ok, mainly the nieces. Best Namma Ever! had nuthin' doin' for a few days and opted to tag along. Which I consider a "yay me!" bonus, because BNE! is good with changing diapers. And I love my mom, of course.

First, PPR always makes incredible time driving from St. Louis to Chicago. One of the bennies of choosing a career involving dealing with knuckleheads all day or night... no fear of speeding tickets with her poe-poe i.d. tucked in her jacket.
They showed up Thursday afternoon. Thankfully, neither had an issue with U-Dad & I taking a much needed evening out. Seriously, our schedule lately has reduced us to a few murmurs as we doze off. And for a while there, we were so involved in our respective worlds that we pretty much just snipped at each other. Ok. I snipped. He responded accordingly.

So Thursday night we bailed out, leaving our offspring with the best possible (& free!) childcare. Of course, we had to get all p*ssed off at each other as we went out the door, but ... well... whatever already, can we just go?

So yeah, the walk out the door & to our destination was silent. And cold. And the weather was freezing, too.

By the way, I looked amazing. Thanks for saying something.

We went to a relatively new place called The Counter, where you fill out a form to choose your own burger toppings, thus creating your own burger. U-Dad & I were both had a serious carniverous jones going, so we thought this would be perfect. Sadly, we should have read the review first. For heaven's sake, people! It's a burger! And an overpriced one at that. How can you mess that up?

Ok, now U-Dad is going on and on and on about having a bummer meal. And on about it. The entire walk to the movie theater is about this.

And by the way, I looked great. Thank you for noticing.

Then we went into the movie theater. And as movie theaters often are (is this just in the city or everywhere?), it was messy. Popcorn all over the floor, etc. So U-Dad needed to go on about that, too. I had pretty much stopped talking altogether. It's not like I had much to contribute. Seriously, if this was our first date, I'd be texting a friend from the ladies' room to call me with some sort of terrible tragedy that demanded that I excuse myself right then and there and meet her for a DVD & pizza at her place.

But I digress. As usual.

I look great doing it, though, don't I? Awwww thanks for noticing!

We sat in the back row, where I took off my coat, threw it over myself and snuggled down into the seat. Then some chick sat down in front of me. So I had to scootch my bum back up. Less snuggly viewing.

Thank God the movie was amazing.

You've seen this movie, right? Right? I'm not one to join Hollywood bandwagon hype -- especially when people start throwing piles of awards at something. But wow. This one actually and truly and completely deserves it. I loved everything about this movie. There are some difficult scenes involving children -- I closed my eyes & ears a few times -- but it's integral to the story and not gratuitous. And the end.... oh the end!!!! Trust me... you have to see this movie. I even want the soundtrack to listen to while running.

Luckily, the fantastic movie lightened the walk home and saved the date.

The next day, PPR, BNE!, the U-Kids & I went out for breakfast.

We're at the stage now where dining with a 2yo is a bit, erm, not relaxing. But all in all, it was fun and easy and easier than me making breakfast for all of us.

Then we went to Pump It Up!, where PPR had more fun than any us, I think. We ran the girls around until they were ready to drop, then loaded them up and headed home.

The girls weren't the only ones ready to drop. I left U-Kid 2, BNE! & PPR at home all hoping for naps while U-Kid 1 & I went to her piano lesson. Wow! I got around really fast doing errands while U-Kid 1 was in class. And I could think complete thoughts in my head. One after another.

That night, BNE!, PPR & U-Kid 1 went out to dinner. There was just no way that I was going to take a 2yo to a restaurant in Lincoln Park on a Friday night. PPR craves a soup that this place serves, so off they all went. They told me later that U-Kid 1 was the only child in a dining room full of happening adults. And that she was absolutely perfect.

After U-Dad was safely stashed in front of the TV, we opened a bottle of wine, got out the cards and played Death Uno. U-Kid 1 joined us for a while, but proved too shockingly deadly at such a tender age. So we sent her to bed.

Once we were good n tipsy, it was time for The Soup, my favorite half hour of the week (ooops, sorry U-Dad -- my second favorite half hour of the week). And Joel McHale cracked a joke involving Uno that had us laughing to the point of pain. It was definitely one of those "you had to be there" moments, which of course only made it that much better.

Sadly, BNE! & PPR had to leave on Saturday morning. They both had plans on Sunday -- BNE! with church and PPR wanted to go see her (ok, our) sick father (if you're new, details on that situation here). So off they went. Making incredible time, of course.

Happily, the U-Kids & I are heading down there next weekend. And PPR is off, too!


Stephanie said...

I probably would have had a girlfriend call to bail me out anyway. :)

Said something like "Look dude, my friend's cousin's dog's former owner's aunt is having a problem with a lightbulb..."

Jenni said...

I keep hearing good things about Slumdog Millionaire, but I have yet to actually hear what it's about and haven't seen any trailers. I guess that will be my next stop online:o)

I'm glad you managed to salvage your date. It's hard to get things going in the right direction when you've been busy and stressed and haven't had time to say more than a few words to each other. It's so easy to get into that grumpy rut and so hard to get out. Something for me to remember later since I feel we are a bit overdue for our own date night here! It sounds like you had a great time with your mom and sis, too.

I don't watch The Soup often, but the few times I have have left me rolling. Oh. My. Gosh. I thought I was going to die from laughter with the two Oprah clips they did a few weeks ago. My family has not stopped saying "Sweet po-ta-to" in that weird voice and it sends me into fits of giggles every time. We also haven't had regular ol' baked sweet potatoes since because, uh, ew. They're still just fine diced and roasted or made into a yummy soup, though. (I bought tons back when they were on sale around Thanksgiving.)