Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hittin' the Road

It's 60-degrees today (YES! 60! can you BELIEVE it????). And what better way to spend the day than in a car?

Actually, it's not a bad idea. I'd planned on taking the U-Kids to the Mothership in St. Louis for the long weekend. But tomorrow it'll pour rain and Thursday may not be much better. So today.

The last time we did this drive, it was for Christmas. And it snowed and iced for just over half of the drive. So really, driving on a 60-degree day isn't all bad.

Best Namma Ever! has plans this evening, so we'll be leisurely about getting out of here. I've yet to pack anyone, even. So a leisurely morning, then hitting the road for a long afternoon drive.

As you may recall, Best Namma Ever! doesn't know of my humble blog, so it may be a bit before I get to post again.

Details of our adventures soon, I hope!

1 comment:

G said...

Have a good time! 60 degrees sounds downright balmy for you guys.