Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Updates; Plus The Devil Made Me Do It, Part 2

Updates on the doings around here:

1. Last Saturday, I spent the a.m. in the chair of Lee the Hair Whisperer, who set about making me the blonde that I was born to be (I swear! I was blonde until my late 20's!). I don't know who those dark roots belonged to, but it wasn't me.

2. I took Urban Kid 1 with me. And the portable DVD player. And headphones. Plus her:
This allowed for two straight hours of dishing, grown-up-chick style. Except for Winter, the U-Kids don't see that much TV, so U-Kid 1 thought this was some kind of delerious treat.

3. Urban Kid 2 has discovered her new best friend.
She keeps asking for "Dah!" Specifically, "Blue Dah!"

So if I'm trying to get U-Kid 1 to practice her piano or wrap her mind around math, I sometimes relent. I massage my guilt by setting the language to Spanish.

The only books U-Kid 2 wants are "Dah!" too. There are plenty left from when U-Kid 1 went through this phase.

When we went to Blockbuster in search of Mary Poppins, U-Kid 2 had... an episode. We came around the corner and there it was......... and entire rack, chock-full of..........her.
Imagine a two-year-old in a pink winter coat, jeans and black Merrills. Completely flipping out. Feet pumping up and down in unfiltered joy. And screaming as loudly as only a 2-year-old with no social filters can,


For a moment, I expected nothing less than spontaneous combustion!

4. And finally, in the "here we go again" news:

Edward's back.

I saw my friend who comments here as "SMook" on Sunday. And she lent me the next three Twilight books. Lord help my children until I finally get these things finished and out of my system!

I have finished #2, New Moon. Tonight, I finished #3, Eclipse.

And, of course, I have a few thoughts. God forbid I leave any of them unexpressed.

Bella, honey, again with you. As a mother, I should be refreshed by Edward's restraint. But seriously, sweetheart. You have a dirty old man for a boyfriend who lives forever inside of a 17-year-old guy's body. Your dad has no idea that he spends the night in your room every night.
And you can't persuade him to start The Launch Sequence??? Are you kidding me?

C'mere, Bella. I have a few tips for you.

On second thought, get out of the way. I'll do it myself.

On the other hand, you have managed to be involved with two guys at the same time. No, not just two "guys." Two total Alpha Males. And The Deed never becomes part of the picture with either hormone-soaked dude? That are straight? And they know about each other, and even actually know each other? And they each wait ever so gallantly for you to make a decision? Yikes. You must have something going on.

Never mind, Bella. Maybe I need tips from you. 'Cause for anyone else, this would be a setup for a particulary bad reality tv show.

I'm off to read Breaking Dawn, the last and largest book. Seems that Stephenie Meyer has J.K. Rowling Syndrome... sold a bunch of books and now her editors can't reign her in. Luckily, I've been warned by a few friends that there are some twists that had them saying, "Really, Stephenie? Really? I was going along for the ride 'til now..., but REALLY?????"

Be prepared for our next brunch, SMook. We will analyze the life out of every ridiculous detail of these books. And at this pace, it will be sooner rather than later.
So all of that said................ how long til the DVD comes out?


Stephanie said...

I'm reading, but not commenting.
Because I just don't get it.
Obviously it's me, and not The Rest Of The World.
But I'm cool with that.

I'm a Harrison Ford and Johnny kind of girl... even as his suspicious Jack Sparrow self.
Seventeen year olds just don't do it for me.

Now I'm gonna go dye my white hair pink.

rita said...

God help me, I am right there with you. I'm a school secretary; the library got a grant to give books to staff members if they'd come to one meeting a month to discuss them. I was so there.

September's book was Twilight, or was it October? Anyway, I got totally caught up in it. The last three books in the series are always reserved so far off that I couldn't get one, and I really can't afford to buy books now. But I lucked out.

I "tutor" after school, and a bunch of the kids love love love these books. Two kids loaned me the last three; I finished New Moon on Friday and am about 2/3 of the way through Eclipse. I get so damn aggravated by these damn "boys" and their posturing, but I. Cannot. Put. Them. Down.

Is there hope for me? I'm waiting for the dvd, too.

Jenny in Ca said...

I'm trying to stay far away from that series..even tho I love to read. I appreciate your comments on it, now I don't feel like I am missing anything!

I hate Dora. I've let my youngest watch it twice, and I wanted to yank my head of to stop the pain.

good for you for getting to the beauty parlor!

june cleaver said...

Ugh... I would make such a better Bella than Bella.


rita said...

You would be better at Bella than she is. For heaven's sake, Bella!

Lord, that's where I am in book 4. I don't know if I can finish reading it. I don't think I really want to know what happens. I love to reread books, but if this one ends where I think it will, I don't think I can reread it.

*sigh* Costco has the 4-hardback set for $47.