Friday, July 17, 2009

Another Road Trip Update

My kingdom for a laptop!!! Ok, maybe a trade... anyone want to trade an Urban Kid for a laptop?

No, actually, it's been a good trip. Here are the Cliff Notes:

Albuquerque, where we did a fun place called Cliff's Amusement Park, the Zoo and the Aquarium. Good LORD was it hot there! The hottest place so far.

Off to Prescott Valley, AZ to see U-Dad's goofy brother. Two nights there.

Off to the Grand Canyon. God bless U-Dad's wonderful half-brother... he's in the travel industry and is somehow involved with the new He scored us a suite next door to the visitor center on the south rim -- for free! The GC itself was overwhelming. But U-Kid 1 was utterly terrified. And U-Kid 2 was scaring the hell out of me because she wasn't scared enough. Oh, and some poor soul went over the ledge in his car that morning, which kind of set me on edge a bit. But it is utterly fascinating. And we know that we'd like to go back in about five years and do the North Rim instead.

Off to Zion National Park, Bryce NP, Arches NP and now we are in Swanky Resort Town in Colorado. Remember U-Kid 1's friend R, whose pilot-parents decided to move from Chicago. Ever-so-coinicidentally, they were wrapping up a few days in SRT as we were coming in. We managed to connect for a few hours before they had to drive back to Denver and we had to go to the MIL's.

We'll stay here for another night, then head down to the Denver area. U-Dad's other brother is in that area, so we'll see him and the kids.

Then back to St. Louis to collapse on Best Namma Ever!'s floor.

We'll head back to Chicago whenever we feel like it from there.

It's nearly impossible to find a computer and time to use one -- I'm in an internet cafe now while U-Dad takes the U-Kids to the carwash. And just to add to the fun, our car charger for my cell phone crapped out. Luckily, we also brought U-Dad's phone, and his charger works. It's probably the most use that his phone has ever seen!

But the DVD player and the Leapster continue to work perfectly. Thank you, God!

Will post details and pictures as the rest of the summer unfolds. Hope that all is well in your worlds!


wankette said...

Saw your 3D post; it made me smile!
Make sure not to drink the water until you leave Boulder.

Uptown Girl said...

my brother lives in Prescott AZ but I've never been...
you must be so happy to be back in a world of cell-phone chargers and computers and out of the car!