Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Two Posts For The Price Of One! Flavor of the Month and Vacay Update

Before I even begin this post, I need to take care of some business here... Flavor of the Month! And this month, it only makes sense for FOTM to be Urban Dad!

Gimme a break, you might say. So unoriginal!

Nay, but listen! July is Road Trip Month for the Urbans, and this only really works as well as it does because of Urban Dad!

First, he's a teacher. Hence, the time off.

Second, he's actually happy to hang out at Best Namma Ever!'s. He actually relaxes here. This, of course, tickles and delights BNE! to no end. You see, U-Dad is the one that finally convinced me to give her grandchildren. She loves U-Dad endlessly for that alone, plus all of his other qualities.

Third, he spent two straight days of our week alone in Chicago cleaning. Cleaning! He sent me out of the house in order to do it just how he wanted. Ladies, if you have to pick an extreme, go with the NeatFreak end of the spectrum!

Fourth, he reminds me to be nice to BNE!'s husband. He reminds me to pick my battles. He reminds me that I will not change anything, that I have a lot to do with our vacation remaining pleasant.

Fifth, he travels with two little girls and a wife with a bladder the size of a thimble. Potty stops do not phase him on a road trip. He's in no hurry.

Sixth, he tells me often that I am skinny, beautiful and brilliant.

Hey, wait! Don't change that channel!

Now for The Vacay Update Post:

Greetings from the Mothership in my hometown of St. Louis. Urban Dad & I ventured down here on Saturday and have been busy, busy, busy. So far, we have:

1. re-assumed responsibility of our children and even take them out of the house and out of Best Namma Ever!'s hair once in a while

2. re-assumed playing the heavy when the little angels get out of line. (i swear, Urban Kid 1 is five-going-on-thirteen)

3. had discussions with u-dad re: whether I am a hard-ass and whether he is a pushover.

4. had Urban Kid 2's half-birthday picture taken. We do a 1/2-birthday picture of her rather than a birthday picture because her actual birthday is December 31st. So we would have to go back about two weeks after the Christmas card picture was taken if we did the real one.

5. blown-up "warm-up" fireworks each evening.

6. listened to Pink Power Ranger discuss her now-lame boyfriend. I liked this boyfriend at first. Then I wondered. Now I don't like the weenie. They are moving in together, but now only kinda. And they're still dating, but now only kinda.

Yes, I'm rolling my eyes with confusion too. Pray for me on Saturday. He's coming over for the fireworks blowout, and I have to be nice to him. Because I love PPR. That's what I'll be repeating in my head: "love PPR, must be nice; love PPR, must be nice"

7. gone to the local swimming pool. My goodness, UK-2 loves the water! And truly, does anyone not have a tattoo anymore? Don't get me wrong -- live and let live and all that. But I'm feeling like I'm now the subversive one because I don't have one. Or ten.

8. discussed some more whether I am a hard-ass and whether U-Dad is a pushover.

9. renewed the wedding vows with U-Dad at BNE!'s church. She helped organize a "anyone who wants to can come and renew their vows" ceremony, so we joined the fun. BNE! got to see us married in a church (I'll dig up the whole story from a post long ago); Her Husband got to see us married at all; U-Dad & I had a lovely excuse to celebrate six years and eight months of wedding bliss. We also had a lovely excuse to go to dinner and drink the last bottle of wine that we brought back from Italy in April 2001, the year before we got married. (advice ladies: take the honeymoon first -- if you can travel with him, you can likely live with him.)

10. went to St. Louis' brand new Citygarden. Had a long chat with a St. Louis Post Dispatch reporter. Will bound out to the front yard tomorrow a.m. to check the paper to see if we're famous!

11. met my brother and SIL for ice cream and to catch up. This is my favorite brother, even though I'm not really supposed to have a favorite. But he's my favorite. And UK-1 adores her aunt. And oh-my-gosh is my SIL patient with a very-enthusiastically-affectionate 5yo.

More to come soon, as I get a moment here and there. It's hard to post when I'm simultaneously:
1. alone
2. focused
3. indoors
4. on a computer

Hope that all is well in your corner of the blogoverse!


Uptown Girl said...

Since you've now established Urban Dad as the perfect man (if maybe a pushover on vacay), I see why he gets to be Mr. Flavor Flave. You are a lucky lady.

Congrats on renewing your vows. Good luck being nice to PPR's stupid boyfriend... sounds like you'll need A LOT of self control!

Can't wait to hear more when you can blog again :)

Jenni said...

Hooray for Urban Dad! I think he's a much better choice than Keifer Sutherland or Rob Pattinson. Neat freak English teachers who are great dads win over actors any day:o)