Monday, July 20, 2009

Once More... With Feeling

Ok, last post from the road. Actually found a hotel with a common computer! Very hard to find these days. But greetings on a dark and stormy night at the Super 8 in Salina, KS. We'll make it to the ever-lovin' arms of Best Namma Ever! tomorrow evening. I've been leery of posting from computers of friends, since this blog is my deeeeeep, darrrrrk secret, and ya never know what a 9-year-old knows about internet cookies.

More Cliff Notes:

The BIL outside of Denver... the "stable" one... gave us the most drama of the trip. The goofy BIL in AZ and the psycho MIL gave us no trouble. BIL #2 -- oh, wow -- rough start.

Yes, sports-fans, you'll have to return for the details.

On the upside, we connected again with Urban Kid 1's newly-moved-to-Denver buddy R. and her parents and little brother. They are such a cute, nice, young family. Man, am I going to miss them back in Chicago!

LP, in case you're stopping in......... I MISS YOU! We have MUCH to catch up on, many gory, gooey details.

Well, I'm hoping that I've stalled long enough to allow the U-Kids to fall asleep in the hotel room for U-Dad.

I'll try to start updating with details and even pictures once we're back in Chicago!


Anonymous said...

I cannot wait for the updates.

- George.

Uptown Girl said...

So glad you are back!! I figured out how to "follow" your blog just now and I'm excited... now the internet will just tell me when you post so I don't have to stalk you. yay!

Tell me all the drama. I need it.
and now I'm going on vacay but will try to post while I'm away.

Dy said...

Wonderful! I can hardly wait for pictures (although I know how hard it is to get pictures uploaded, sorted, edited, and posted in a reasonable time... oh, how I know). So, I won't pester you.

Next time you do the Canyon, go down in it. Or go down and spend a few nights in Havasupai and let the kids play in the falls. OMG. Heaven. On. Earth. I'm convinced Adam and Eve were Navajos, and that was Eden. *swoon* Gorgeous!

Anyway, the business center in hotels is becoming scarce. And the staff says, "But we do have free wi-fi in all the rooms." Handy as heck if you have a laptop... @@

Enjoy your final leg home!

Hen Jen said...

okay, we DO want the wacky details. It's always the quiet ones, you know!

I have crazy family, so I can relate...I think. I made the mistake of telling them about my blog, so I can't even vent or make fun of them now. except my mom only read it once, so maybe I can make fun of her side now..hmm? It has filtered out a little each generation, so I have hopes that our kids will be normal.!

I want the juicy details...will keep checking in!