Sunday, July 5, 2009

Keeping Our Powder Dry

Our week of squatting at Best Namma Ever!'s house is wrapping up here. Last night was the big fireworks blowout in front of her house. Urban Dad outdid himself and had a blast (sorry, I couldn't resist!) doing it. He's already planning for next year.

Pink Power Ranger's weenie boyfriend did not act in a weenie way. He displays well, so there's that. Our three generations of family are go-back-for-years friends with another family (also three generations) who came over for the night. This included a 14yo daughter, who is the Pied Piper to the Urban Kids. They followed her around adoringly, and she is always nothing but sweet to them. BNE! did burgers and hot dogs on the grill, everyone else brought something else, and we feasted and chatted. Of course, later on, Pied Piper Girl realized what time it was and that her friends were having a party. Without her. Then she went all teenager on us and wanted to leave right now, because after all, she has a life! (apparently the rest of us are mere shells of beings who bask in her aura? i can't wait to have teenagers.) We hurried through the last of the fireworks, but not so that PPG could look up from her texting long enough to check them out. It was because it started to rain. So towards the end, PPR and the guys -- under U-Dad's direction -- got soaked getting the big guns blown up. Half of the party had wandered inside, , PPG's mother was ready to kill her, I had no idea where U-Kid 2 was (well, i knew she was inside with about six other adults, so i figured she was fine), the front yard and street were trashed with debris and PPG's little brother was totally hopped up on sugar.

In other words, it was a truly fun and fantastic evening!

We've spent today cleaning the yard, the neighbor's yard, the street and the back yard while BNE! took U-Kid 1 to church. We've also done laundry, organized, packed and gone to Wally World (aka: Wal-Mart) to stock up on travel-sized items.

Hitting the road tomorrow a.m. and heading through Springfield, MO towards Oklahoma. I asked U-Dad today, "how far do you want to go tomorrow?" His reply: "Til we're done for the day," follwed by a shrug.

I love summertime!

Will post as we find hotels/motels/friends with computers.

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