Tuesday, March 18, 2008

You Wanna Play Uno?

Last Friday, Urban Kid 1 returned with Best Namma Ever! and the Pink Power Ranger. It was a joyful reunion! During the eight days that she was gone (how did a four-day trip turn into eight?!), Urban Kid 2 went from the toddle-tumble-toddle stage to walking. It was a beautiful day, so while I stood in the only parking space outside of our building, UK2 wandered the sidewalk a bit. (I had to wonder how long it would be before some weenie busybody called the cops. Fortunately, PPR IS ONE.)

After talking PPR into the space (isn't parallel parking on the police test?), I scooped up UK1 for a big hug. She was fine with that, but immediately wanted down and to get over to UK2. Not only was she excited to see her, she was also nervous that she was walking more than two feet from me. I thought it was ok. Afterall, there's a Caribou Coffee at the end of the block. I was kicking around training her to get me a large skim chai. What? Don't look shocked... she's welcome to get herself something too. My treat.

That night, after the kids were asleep and Urban Dad had gone to grade papers at a different local Caribou Coffee (the one at the end of our block is often packed and tends to be a pickup joint in the evenings. funny, i hear that, but i never see a woman in there..... hmmmm......), BNE!, PPR and I set about a long family tradition.
Uno. But not just Uno. Oh no. We play what might be called Death Uno. We are not satisfied until we have left someone in a bloody heap. At first, I thought we just played Communist Uno -- as soon as someone started to get ahead, we would leap on them and drag them back to our level. But it always turns into something more. We align together and come after the leader like a pack of hyenas. We coordinate Reverses, Skips and the Almighty Wild Draw Four card. (There's nothing in the rules that says you can't talk to other players!) Add a few cocktails, and, well, you can imagine the carnage.

This works for a while. But, of course, it often disintegrates into Every Man For Himself. Then the giggles really start!

You have to understand that this is a family tradition. Playing Death Uno goes back probably thirty years and includes uncles, cousins and close friends. The next day, UK1 asked if I could teach her Uno while BNE! and PPR went out for some shopping. I'm gently teaching the little grasshopper now. Little does she know what's in store...... let alone her baby sister, looking on so innocently......

Urban Dad refuses to enter the fray. He'd rather watch something more peaceful. Like football.

On Saturday night, BNE! and PPR stayed with the UK's while UD and I went out for a bit. We ventured out to the suburbs, specifically to the Wal-Mart of Sweden, IKEA. We purchased a dresser for our bedroom, because you can never have too much storage. And UD has built this particular one before -- in fact, he's built most of the dressers in this particular line, plus two wardrobes -- so we went with what works. Plus, it's kinda cool-looking.

UD is on Spring Break this week, so I'm sitting pretty. He's off doing errands now, then will stay home with UK2 while I take UK1 to piano class. This will allow TIME ALONE. ALONE!

Ok, I've babbled on quite a bit today. And UK1 is actually asking to do Math. She'll need it to tally up those Uno scores, so I should go.

(look for the return of Show and Tell Tuesday in the future -- UK1 missed Art class last week while at BNE!'s)

Happy Tuesday!


Jenni said...

LOL about that Caribou Coffee! I guess urban kids grow up with a whole different set of skillz. That sounds like a pretty handy one;o)

Amy said...

I hear you about the time ALONE!

My family has a similar history with a game we call "I doubt it" also known as B.S., but like you, we teach 'em young and have to keep the language rated G!

Sounds like a lot of fun!

melissa said...

My kids play poker. They're really good at it. ANd I won't play with them anymore. My 10 yr old has a "poker hat". It's all very serious. ;-)

VERY FUNNY about the little one walking to Caribou.I would definitely rank that right up there with potty training. Enjoy your alone time.

Jenn, not Jenny said...

I wanna come play Uno with y'all, sounds like a blast. Can little UK pick me up a Dr. Pepper from the 7-11 too? :-D

Yep, it is fun to vent on blogs- and that way no one's ears hurt when I'm done.
Is it okay if I link your blog on mine?

Thanks for noticing me,