Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Show and Tell Tuesday Debut

Several (but not all) of the blogs that I checkout are fellow homeschool moms, and several have a neat feature called Wordless Wednesday. However, I know myself well enough to tell that I would have a hard time with this feature. Wordless? Me? Right.

So let's try a feature called Show and Tell Tuesday! Urban Kid 1 is currently taking an art class at a wonderful place called The Paintbrush (http://www.thepaintbrush.net/). She leanrs about a new artist every week, including where that artist is from, when s/he lived, etc. Then they look at an "inspiration" piece of work by the artist. And finally, they make their own art in a similar fashion. And while they do this, music related to the era is playing in the background.

UK1's last class introduced her to Henri Rousseau. Their inspiration piece was "Surprise!"

Here is what UK1 conjured up in class:
A guideline that Urban Dad requested when I voiced interest in blogging was "no pictures of us." So while I am not supposed to post pictures of the UKs, I can at least show off some of their work!

Happy Tuesday...


Laney said...

That's quite the little artist you have there. Lovely use of color!


The Flying Monkeys said...

OH so cute! I post pictures but no real names.

Come on over, check out my "redone blog" and check out some new "do's"

Mom2legomaniacs said...

I like it! Very cool!

Oh, and the house-i-tosis -- LOL! That's so true. I opened up the doors earlier this week. Back to cold again today though.