Sunday, March 30, 2008

Signs of Spring, 3rd and Final Installment

Here's what's inspiring me to take the straw out of the wine bottle:

1. Street Cleaning. Usually, street cleaning is a royal pain in the tookus. Seriously, parking in Lakeview is already tight (I know, you Lincoln Park-ers will tell me I have it easy). And on a street cleaning day, an entire side of the street is forbidden for parking. On those days, assuming we're on the "correct" side of the street, we do not, for any reason whatsoever, move the car. You see, the sign says "No Parking, 9am-3pm." The Little Revenue Weenie comes along before the street cleaner and tickets the last few lonely cars. Then the street cleaner machine thing comes. After that, most times, one can then come along and park her car knowing that all of the action has passed. Sometimes this is by 10am. However, I got burned once. I parked on the freshly scrubbed side figuring that I was free and clear. And I got a ticket marked at 2:20pm!! 2:20!!! Little Revenue WEENIE........(the G-rated version of what I shouted when I saw the time on the ticket) And they just loooooooove to put up those signs on the days of afternoon Cubs games.

But you see, I can't complain about this when there's three feet of snow on the ground. Nope. Ain't nobody comin' in the winter. Only when it gets warm. And street-cleaning season is about to begin.

2. I have to print out the Cubs schedule so that I can plan our lives around it. Heck, being a St. Louis native and having a brother that works in the front office, I'm a CARDINALS fan. (my brother says that being married to Urban Dad qualifies as a "mixed marriage.") As I said before, we don't move the car the days of afternoon Cubs games. Especially Friday afternoon games. Nobody seems to LEAVE after the game on those days. So the Cubs schedule will be on the fridge and in the car. We will plan our lives accordingly. And at this point, I'm almost glad of it.
3. StreetWise vendors are out. Now don't misunderstand. This is NOT a slam or a mocking of StreetWise vendors (StreetWise being a newspaper sold by the homeless so that they can be not homeless anymore). It's getting reasonable out there weather-wise. And the vendors are slowly returning. I'm actually happy to see them and almost excited to give them a buck. Keep the paper, even!

4. Urban Kid 2 is outgrowing her winter coat. The sleeves are creeping up her arms. I'm relishing washing it and setting it aside to give to the food pantry next fall. Because it's Spring and SHE WON'T NEED IT! Woo Hoo!!!!

5. People are peeling off layers. You know what I mean -- you bundle up like it's the 9th ring of Hell out there, get a few blocks away, and realize that you can put your scarf, hat and mittens in your bag. People stop on the sidewalk to do this before they joyfully unzip their coats. But don't get too excited. Mother Nature knows when you've put the hat, scarf and mittens in a box in the back of the basement......... I blame April snowfalls on those people. But still, it's something, and it's something GOOD.

6. I need new sandals. I can actually think about buying new sandals. There are new sandals in the store windows. I'm going to get a pedicure after posting this because I'm so excited at the very thought of sandals.
So you'll understand if I sign off now. Urban Kid 2 is napping, Urban Dad is home from grading papers and Urban Kid 1 is psyched to hang out and watch basketball with him.
Gotta go while the gettin' is good.


Maria said...

Amen, sister! We don't have the same signs around here, but, oh yes, it's in the air. I bought a lightweight sweater in turquoise yesterday, I shaved my legs, I needed ONLY a scarf, and I got my hair chopped off! All signs of spring!! Hooray for coats that are too small!!

Rachel said...

Oh yeah, sandal of my favorite Spring activities. I keep going out without a jacket only to come out freezing. It is so inbetween right now with the weather.