Monday, March 24, 2008

Show and Tell Tuesday

You guys have left such wonderful comments and thoughts about Urban Kid 1! How touching! Thank you!

Rest assured that UK1 is undaunted, as if last Thursday never happened. Not even a little bit. The next day, she was looking at a coloring book on a toybox/trunk that we have. While standing on a ball and rolling it around under her feet. Of course, it rolled out from under her, landing her on her butt. So what was her natural next course of action? To stand back up on the ball and go about her business. Again, as if it never happened. Resilient little buggers, aren't they?

I'm reminded of when I was in the hospital after having Urban Kid 2. Urban Dad and Best Namma Ever! were there with UK1. UK1 was sitting at the foot of my bed, refusing to listen to anyone tell her to quit messing around and be careful. Next thing we knew, her arms were windmilling, and she hit the floor. Nice fat bloody lip from that one. And about 20 minutes after the pediatrition had done the rounds. Oh well. A little ice fixed that one up.

For the record, Urban Dad was a bit grumpy about his portrayal in that last blog-isode. So let the record reflect that UD is a wonderful, generous, intelligent, protective, caring, supportive, funny, creative, hard-working, uber-manly husband and father.

As far as Show and Tell Tuesday: The Paintbrush was closed last week due to Chicago Public Schools' Spring Break. They cancelled their regular classes and had camps every morning. So how about a retro one? This is from when they learned about Kandinsky, using his piece Several Circles.

This was UK1's take on it:

Looks like she had fun, huh?

Lots on my mind...more signs of Spring, thoughts about the number 23 (huh?) that I was reminded of on Sunday (again, huh?). All kinds of things.

See you again in a few days!

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Lorna said...

Great pictures. I am so glad all is well. Children can really give you a scare sometimes.