Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Doin's Here

Hey all! Best Namma Ever! is back from France. After settling in at home for a few days, she jetted up here to catch up with the Urban Kids. And since this blog is my deeeeep, daaaark secret from most real-life people, and because the computer is in the room where she stays, bloggy-time has been rare.

It was good fun, as always. Spanish class had "Bring a Parent Day," which was perfectly timed. BNE!, Urban Kid 2 and I attended. And it is ALWAYS lovely to have another set of hands when trying to attend something with UK2. Of course, UK2 needed to leave the class and wander. Thankfully, 1.) there were empty classrooms to explore and 2.) this still left UK1 with a grown-up to show off.

Also, BNE! attended soccer with us today. This was nice because I FINALLY got to see UK1 play soccer for the first time in eons. Usually, she plays with her class in the gym while I'm out in the hallways entertaining, chasing, feeding and/or changing UK2. I'm usually glancing at my watch for the last 10-15 minutes in a near-OCD fashion. Perhaps if I keep looking, it will make time go faster.... Umm, no. But UK1 loves it, so what the hell. Anywhoooo, with BNE! there, we could switch off.

Urban Dad is swamped lately. For some bizarre reason, he collected essays from all five of his classes at the same time. He has two sections of Advanced Placement kids, and the AP test is coming up, so there's that to concentrate on. Also, he meandered off the beaten path for a while with his freshies. Now he has to consider the departmental final exam that he has to give. So it's time to "teach the test."

And to add to it, he will stop into a visitation on Thursday evening. Sadly, at a school the size of Great Big Urban High School, a student is often lost during the course of the year. Last Friday, one of U-Dad's AP juniors from last year was one of two people killed in a freak accident when a semi slammed into a CTA train station and kept going part-way up the escalator. The young lady -- a straight-A student and cheerleader -- was on the escalator. One of her friends remains in the hospital. The driver, of course, was unharmed. There's more here.

All of this means that it's me and the UK's for the next several evenings. And most of the weekend.

Don't get me wrong. I loooooove the UK's. But boy is it nice when the U-Dad comes 'round, and I get to come up for air. My hat's off to 1.)the single moms and 2.)those with lots of kids.

And yeah, if that's the extent of my problems today, I'm doin' alright!

So that's the world here for now. More interesting developments to come soon.... I'm gettin' me some Bionic Eyes soon!


Maria said...

That is SO true about hubby giving me some air to breathe a bit when he comes home. When my husband works late, I don't HATE it, but I feel more pressure on me...glad to hear BNE! made it home safe and sound!

Mom2legomaniacs said...

Bionic eyes! Cool. Will you channel Jamie Sommers for me? Loved that show as a kid.

As the kids get older, the dh's travels get easier on me. They can handle themselves so much better now. Good thing since I really need my time and space now more than ever it seems!