Sunday, April 13, 2008

Weekend Update

So much to share this weekend!

First, an MIL update. Grrrrrrrrrrr..... At about 10pm on Friday night, the phone rang. Urban Dad wondered aloud who the heck was calling us. He answered. Then I heard, "(Urban Kid 1) got out of bed, so she's back putting her back in bed." So it was somene who he knew that I would not want to talk to. When he hang up, I asked What Gives?

"It was my mom. Lying." Do tell.

"She says that you insisted on inviting about twelve more people, and she wanted to ask about who to invite." I insisted? I INSISTED? I didn't INSIST ANYTHING! She suggested Friend Couple A and asked if there was anyone else. I said I Dunno, maybe Friend Couple B. That's it. I didn't INSIST on --

"I know that. Don't even think about getting mad about this stuff. If you waste another minute of energy on this, I'll be mad at at you." But I didn't say that. She's lying!

"Didn't I say that that was my mom? Lying? No more energy on her." muttermuttermutter, grumblegrumblegrumble

"No more energy on her." (Long pause)......................................mutter, grumble......................

But on to brighter things!
On Saturday, Urban Dad gave me a day off from the Urban Kids. He watched them, while I took off to -- a spa? No, not quite. I did a Target run and a quick grocery run. But it was without kids. Alone. Hey, anyone else go into Target planning to spend $50 and come out $150 later?

Then it was on to find warm-weather clothes for Urban Kid 1. Urban Kid 2 has piles of hand-me-downs, so UK1 was the priority.

Hey, did you catch that?? Warm-weather clothes. As in, she will actually need them!

So it was off to Carter's and Children's Place. Should have started with Children's Place. TONS of cute things. And you can't beat the price. Oh well. I'll just put the word in Best Namma Ever!'s ear.

Once I got home, we tried on Urban Kid 1's clothes. She was swimming in some of the pants, so it was back to Carter's and Children's Place for exchanges. Oh wah. More time alone.

Once I got home again, Urban Dad suggested I go get a massage or something. Nah. I'd love a manicure though.

Why don't you go get one then? Ummmmmm.......(sound of front door closing and my feet rapidly fluttering down the steps)

I got home with my pretty nails in time for Urban Dad to bail out for a few hours to go do some schoolwork at Caribou Coffee. So it was the Urban Kids and me for dinner and a bath for UK1.

And, of course, once UK1 finally went to sleep (she has a habit of popping back out for a visit or two before finally staying in bed), Urban Dad wanted, errrr, payback. Oh, what the heck -- he earned it.

Other fronts:
We're one full week into Best Namma Ever!'s two week trip to France. I figure that no news is good news, but I kinda miss her. Pink Power Ranger has gone to the nightshift, so I can't call and bug her during the day.

Today, my half-brothers and Pink Power Ranger are gathering to celebrate Not The Best Namma Ever's 97th birthday. As you may recall, I went with UK2 to see her on the actual birthday. I'm curious to know if she remembers. As her years get longer, her memory gets shorter. She asks the same questions over and over again. That's ok, I tend to tell the same stories over and over again.

Hey, did I tell you about my MIL calling on Friday night?


Mom2legomaniacs said...

What a dear sweet dh you have!

And yes, I do that and worse at Target. Just can't be helped. We have a Super Target about 30 minutes from us. I don't go often, but when I do, YIKES! I spend a lot.

Which post of mine were you looking for? Some were moved to other spots, but I don't think they were deleted. Go to my profile, click on view all threads started by me, maybe you'll find it that way!


Jenni said...

Ha! I went to Target tonight and World Market, too. It took much restraint (and awarness of financial realities), but I made it home without spending over $20. Okay, it was $28.39 after I bought myself dinner at Arby's.

Who says payback is a -----? I rather like payback. It's a win win:o)

Tiffany said...

My hubby sent me to get a pedicure last week. I see you have a great one too!

My MIL is a total nut job. So much so that my husband cut all ties with her 5 years ago and they have not spoken since. He told her if she can't respect his wife and children then he didn't want to hear anything more from her. I call his step mom my mother in law now. Although she is a total white trash hillbilly at least she is nice to me and the girls.

Man what a bunch of crazies running around this world!

Rachel said...

I have a psycho MIL fact Sunday I couldn't wait to get home from church and call my DH and ask him "WHY, OH WHY does she come". The only time she sees the family is to come to church on Sundays...she doesn't talk to the grandkids and spends the whole service writing in her appointment book....WHY,oh WHY???

Oh, and Costco is my downfall...its a big joke that I can't walk out of there for less than $200!

Amy said...

THe more I read your blog, the more I like Urban Dad. What a catch you have.

Bud has a few relatives from Crazytown, too, so I feel for ya.

Maria said...

Urban Dad really rocks. Really and truly. Make sure he knows that!!
(not that you don't...)

Okay, I have a friend who says that for every minute you spend in a walmart or target you spend a dollar. It's TRUE every time. I swear. I love Target. But that's all we have for evolved stores around here. Go to IKEA for me, please...

P.S. Guess what I FINALLY sent out today??!!

Jenny in Ca said...

ah yes, I remember when Target runs by myself were such a treat! I always buy more then I intended there...

my dh works for those kinds of paybacks too... ,)