Sunday, April 20, 2008

Weekend Update

We visited some friends this morning, Friend Couple A from previous posts, who we haven't seen in way-too-long. The Mom and I giggled like little kids at Christmas as we sat on their porch watching Urban Kid 2 play. "Can you believe that Spring is here? Can you believe that Winter is finally OVER!?" UK2 kept bringing us little gifts, a pebble from here, a leaf from there, then she would go out of the gate, wander the sidewalk a bit, then come back in the gate. Over and over and over again. Soak up that sunshine and fresh air, my babylove!

UK2 is soundly zonked out right now. Urban Dad took Urban Kid 1 out on her bicycle for a bit. I'm running some long-overdue scans of the computer. Hum Drum.

UK1 has a busy week this week. The goal from this point forward is to make the schedule lighter. But swimming kicks in this week. However, piano wraps up, and we're taking the summer off of that. In a few weeks, Spanish wraps up. We'll take the summer off of that, as well (we bought Rosetta Stone recently; to make up for some of that expense, we're not doing Spanish classes over the summer). We might do Art until Urban Dad is finished at Great Big Urban High School for the summer. Our only summertime activity will be Soccer, which is outdoors at Waveland Park, right on the Lake.
We're kicking around travel plans for the Summer. This is the part where it's especially good to be married to a teacher.

Blissfully content today. Hope you are too!

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Mom2legomaniacs said...

Spring is so nice! I've got my house opened up a bit for some "fresh pollen" air. But getting outside is so refreshing, isn't it. Glad your winter is moving on out of there.