Thursday, July 17, 2008

Adios, Shangri-La!

We're outta here tomorrow, so I'm out of touch for a few days. We're off to an area just outside of Denver to visit U-Dad's somewhat newly-divorced brother (not the rehab guy). We'll stay there for the weekend, then head to St. Louis. We were considering tripping out to the Grand Canyon, but are bagging the idea. The U-Kids are wiped out. And U-Kid 1 has specifically requested stopping back at Best Namma Ever!'s place before we head back to Chicago. It'll be nice to hang out a bit more at The Mother Ship before going back to real life!

So the latest from Shangri-La:

I was alone with the MIL for a few minutes, who was watching a crappy news channel. AT TOP VOLUME, of course. She makes some politically-oriented comment. She knows that U-Dad and I vote the opposite party, but hey, it seemed genteel enough. So I make a gentle comment back. I'm thinking that we're just skimming the surface, agreeing-to-disagree kind of thing. She skips right past the political thing and goes straight for a personal insult followed with dismissively looking away from me and back at the crappy news channel.

That sh*t ain't cool.

I confess that it was *stupid* of me to even enter into the chat. I should have smiled and nodded and agreed and gone on with far-happier existence with the only sane son who has managed to escape her clutches. I admit it! Now I know.

On another topic -- this one of our children learning Spanish and even understanding a Latino family at the park:
She wants them to learn French. I have no problem with that. If they chose to study French later, that's great by me. But right now, U-Dad and I are prioritizing Spanish. She got flustered with us not buckling and finally said, "I guess it's good to know for talking to the help."

Yeah, does that complete the picture?

But on to more positive things!!!!!!!

U-Kid 1 has managed to make two friends while here. Once was another little girl named Leelah who went on a horseback ride with her. The other was Jacob, who was on a hike with his mom and dad at the same time as us. We told both families about the nifty recreation center pool that the town has.

Yesterday, we went swimming at the rec center pool, and Leelah showed up! By the end of it, we were invited to go swimming at their hotel's pool. So that's on our agenda for later this afternoon. (it's a swanky place, so MIL approves) As Leelah left, Jacob arrived! So U-Kid was was quite the rec center pool social butterfly!

Afterwards, she took a shot at their climbing tower. And this time she got all the way to the top to ring the bell... TWICE! At our gym in Chicago, you have to be 5yo to climb the indoor wall. And they have to be a part of a class. She's dyin' to get on that wall!!! Imagine how much fun she'll have with this accomplishment under her belt.

UK2 is loving the floatie thing more. And she's also warming up to the MIL's standard poodle, who completely terrified her when we arrived. Now she lets her lick her foot and even her hand. She'll even reach out to touch the dog if the dog isn't looking at her. This, of course, brings MIL nothing but joy. And it also provides a much-needed topic of conversation. Yay, UK2!!!!

Catch up to you once we're in St. Louis!!!!! Hope all is well in your world!


Tiffany said...

I am so glad you all have managed to survived mostly unscathed. Have a safe trip home!

Life With My 3 Boybarians said...

omg. "the help". yikes.

get thee home. ;)