Monday, July 14, 2008

Recipe for Paradise

Oh yeah, it's paradise here. So far, MIL has stated how boggled she is that so many children are born with Down's Syndrome. After all, there's a test for that. Why would you have a child like that if you know it has Down's? This was after I told her that a good friend in St. Louis has a son with Down's and started a wonderful foundation there as a result. Also, I told her that U-Dad and I opted to not have the test, that if that's the card that we were dealt, then so be it. She scolded me on that one -- you're too smart for that! Why would you do that? I don't want any grandchildren like that!

Revolted yet?

Take a big chunk of that and season it with a blasting TV set on the Lifetime Channel -- is there really such a large market for such truly awful drivel? And if it's not on Lifetime, it's on the news. Where two small children can hear AT TOP VOLUME about a series of rapes happening in a park in Florida. Or perhaps enjoy the delightful themes of Law & Order: SVU reruns.

Yum, yum!

So here I am at the internet cafe while U-Kid 2 naps and U-Kid 1 is out "helping" U-Dad with his workout at the local high school.

Ok, I'm done venting. And my time is up soon. And I know of exactly one Starbucks in this otherwise cute town, so I'm heading there next. And I'm trying to not be crabby and to put on a happy face. White-knuckling it a bit, but I'm a grown-up, and I only have to do this once a year really, so I need to get the hell with it. (MIL can't bring herself to visit -- this is the 2nd time she's ever laid eyes on U-Kid 2 -- UK2 will be a better person for it, I imagine)

Peace out, friends! Hoping for happier posts in the near future!


Tiffany said...

Oh crap that truly sounds like hell on earth. Girl I am so sorry that there just aren't words. Good luck and try not to kill her in front of the kids.

Jenny in Ca said...

oh goodness, I have family like that...we must be related!!

hang in there girl, will be sending kind thoughts your way.

keep your cool always, and in a few years everyone will know who keeps a pack of flying monkeys- and it ain't you!

come back and rant, it's very entertaining! I wish I could, I told too many relatives about my blog...

Jenni said...

Yuck. I hope it gets better for you soon.

Dy said...

{{{hugs}}} I think that honoring the person who raised our life's partner can be a task somewhat equal to (or, in your case, surpassing!) the tasks of Hercules! It helps to give random hugs to the kids and the hubby when what I really want to do is put a shoe through the TV. Law & Order: SVU, and all.

Hang in there!

Tiffany (aka T, Tiffers, Tiffster, and Pally) said...

Oh.My.God. I can't get over her.

Makes me glad my MIL barely speaks, even though its a bit awkward.

Put on a pot of burban and bunker down girlfried.

Cathy Adamkiewicz said...

Am I totally sick? I read about your MIL and felt a little giddy. I'm not the only one!!! I'm sorry to feel happy about your unfortunate in-law situation, but sometimes knowing I'm not alone dealing with the madness makes it more manageable.

I have to wonder when they say this idiotic things. What are they thinking? Do they think at all?

And how did they manage to churn out at least one child (our husbands) suitable for marriage?

Oh dear, I'm getting a little harsh. My MIL isn't that bad. Well....