Sunday, July 13, 2008

Greetings from Shangri-La!

We have safely arrived in Colorado. The MIL lives in a lovely resort town that has been known to be frequented by celebrities. Well, it used to be. The hip, young celebs seem to be hitting Utah of late. The more, um, perhaps "geriatric" crowd seems to be here. But it continues to be a perfectly beautiful place. And DRY. Urban Kid 1's curly blonde locks are straight here. Mine are closer to manageable as well. No celeb sightings, so far. But I never really see them. Ok, last year, I almost walked smack into Robert Wagner because out of my peripheral vision I thought he was the U-Dad. That's been it for me, so far. I know that so and so lives over there, and another former-big-deal lives over there. But they don't seem to come out much.

But more important things!!!!!! Yesterday, we meandered nicely around town. U-Kid 1 noticed a balloon artist guy making nifty things, so she waited in line and was rewarded with balloon fairy wings, antennae and a magic wand. She preened all over town, soaking in the adoration. Of course, back home, it all came crashing down when she -- for some strange reason -- tried to jack the wings up over her head to remove them without any adult help. One wing popped, then an uninflated balloon tangled hopelessly in her hair. Many tears and a pair of scissors got involved. But on the up side, she's getting excited about Halloween already. Yep, in July!

Today, we went to the local recreation center and swam in their truly wonderful pool. With my new eyes, I was able to zip at top speed down the gigantic waterslide without a care in the world about losing a contact and being effectively blind. UK1 was big enough this year, so she must have done about 30 consecutive runs. UK2 got to hang out in the baby float thingy, fussing a bit at first, but gettin used to things by the end.

Now, UK2 is napping (the only reason I have left her alone with MIL, who has likely started at least her second martini by now). UK1 and U-Dad have rented a bike with a tug-a-bug on the back for her. It's like a second bike, but with no front wheel, so it attaches to the back of his bike. She gets to pedal and use handlebars, but he's in control of it all.

UK1 seems to be brave this year. We'll try horseback riding tomorrow. She cried pitifully last year. The nice folks there gave us our money back. She seems to be more up for it this year, so here's hoping.

Oh, eye update! Before we left, the doc had my right eye at 20/40 and my left at 20/20. The right one may catch up or may not. I'd love for it to, but don't much care really. Hey, did I tell you that I SWAM today???!!! That I dunked underwater and played with my kids?????

So far, the MIL is behaving. Minimal discussion of the fairly newly-divorced BIL and his two psycho kids. Her words, "He still hasn't gotten over that divorce." My words to U-Dad later, "I think it's HER who hasn't..."

Oh, and the night we arrived here, we were informed that the other BIL is in rehab for addiction to oxycontin. I *wondered* why we hadn't heard from him in several days. He has been in rehab perhaps 20 times (no hyperbole here). I would elaborate with my own personal questions about the situation, but am running out of time here at the library. I have less than five minutes. So forgive any typos and lack of flair!!!

Hoping to get more computer time in a few days at the local internet cafe, where I'm not so tightly on the clock. I miss all of your blogs!!!!!!!

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Jenni said...

That's great news about your eyesight! I haven't been comfortable swimming or at a waterpark since I was a kid. Being blind is no fun and even less so in a crowded, crazy environment. I could deal with 20/40, especially if the other eye was 20/20. I think my vision is about 20/200 without the contacts or glasses. Before I got glasses in highschool, I thought trees were supposed to look like Monet paintings.