Sunday, July 20, 2008

Homeward Bound

I was delighted to find a Business Center in our hotel with free internet access, so here I yam!

We're heading back East today, travelling our very familiar route on I-70.

The night before last, Urban Kid 1 got to have her first sleepover, staying at her uncle's and cousin's. She was mainly there to see her cousin, who is almost exactly one year older than her. And her uncle was quite the host. When we arrived yesterday morning, the kids were on the patio eating waffles, apples, plums, milk, etc. It put my usual "here's some cereal and milk" routine to shame!

Yesterday, it became a Dad and Daughter event to go swimming. Urban Kid 2 was up against a nap, so I brought her back to the hotel. Urban Kid 1 went off of a diving board for the first time and otherwise had a deliriously delightful time.

Urban Dad and BIL were able to discuss MIL. Seems that his kids are now somewhat afraid of her (aren't you by now?). BIL dreads taking them to her place and is spacing out the visits a bit more. And, like us, once they get there, they stay busy as hell -- swimming, biking, hiking, etc -- in order to be out of the house. At his last visit, he had to physically put his arm around her in order to walk her out of a restaurant (wow! she left the house!). I asked, "due to drinking? or just age?" U-Dad replied, "I dunno. Both??"

The next few years could be interesting. Possibly sadly so.

Last night, we had dinner with an old friend of U-Dad's. Thank God we decided to eat at the hotel. U-Kid 2 hit meltdown mode (thank God we also were able to eat outside). U-Kid 1 was bored and not up for sharing the U-Dad with his friend. So I made a few jokes about how our friend must be so excited that we brought the kids to dinner and couldn't wait for us to bring them back next year and tried to breezily make an exit with U-Kid 2. A few minutes later, U-Dad was at the door with U-Kid 1.

Bless his heart, an hour or so later, he brought me a sandwich.

So the three of us cozied down for the night and (finally!) zonked out. And U-Dad got a much deserved night of having a few drinks and chatting with another grown-up. Add the fact that it was a wonderful old friend around whom he could be himself and let down his guard, and it was all the better. He so rarely does this himself, but regularly takes the kids to allow me to do this at home. So I was glad to see him have some grown-up fun.

Ok, off to breakfast with BIL and the kids. I have to admit that these kids -- the little that I've actually seen them this trip -- have been just fine. In the past, I've had to confess to U-Dad that I don't like the little undisciplined urchins. But I haven't seen that so far this trip. Think happy breakfast thoughts...................

Then today we hope to get as far as Hayes, KS today.

More as soon as I get another computer!


Tiffany said...

I love hearing the trip reports. Isn't it nice to know that you aren't the only one tormented by the MIL? Have a safe trip home!

Jenny in Ca said...

glad you survived! I have crazy and annoying family too- actually surrounded by them. Boy, the stories I could tell...