Sunday, August 31, 2008

Feelin' All Widgety

Let's chat widgets, 'cause I've been tinkering with them. And there suddenly seems to be a bit of testosterone in the homeschool-mommy blog.

This past weekend, Pink Power Ranger came to visit for a few (way too short) nights. And she brought a ridiculous book of Chuck Norris jokes that someone gave her. And when the U-Dad had slipped out for a few hours to prep for the coming school year and the U-Kids were finally asleep and we'd had a glass of wine (or two), this book became a laugh-til-you-cry-and-can't-even-tell-her-what's-funny-anymore-while-she-says-what?-what??!! experience. I suppose it's one of those, "you had to be there" moments. And lo and behold! There's a Chuck Norris widget in the same spirit! I've tried to watch it for a while to make sure that it's reasonably clean. If anyone sees anything overly scandalous, let me know? In any case, it may not last long. I sense that I'll get bored with it soon. But for now, it reminds me a fun evening with the PPR.

And then, the Jack Bauer countdown. Pretty self-explanatory, right? 'Cause it's been too long, dammit! (get it? get it???? oh, never mind.....)

Hope you like them. But then, it's my blog. And I like them, dammit! (get it???? oh, never mind.....)


melissa said...

Are you shi- I mean, KIDDING me???Jack Bauer is coming back on?? Oh, thank TIVO!

And I will NEVER tire of the Chuck Norris jokes. It's an inside thing with us, because my oldest son's friends call Race "Chuck Norris" and OMGosh it's funny stuff!9Is there anything funnier than teenage humor???)

Jenni said...

I like the Chuck Norris widget!

Cathy Adamkiewicz said...

Chuck Norris rocks. Thanks!

Rachel said...

In honor of my 16yo son and his birthday, I have added the CN widget to my blog.......there will be tears.