Sunday, September 28, 2008

What is a "G?"

(before reading, please hit "play" over there on your left for the appropriate mood music. thanks.)

Awww, you guys left such nice comments.... But yes, like Jenni and Debbie, I too had to ask what a "G" is. So I sent a text message to my manicurist's daughter, a senior at Great Big Urban High School. She sent back to me "he's gangsta, as in he's really cool."

Well now, that's a relief! Right????

Before writing today, however, I checked with Urban Dictionary. And found 22 pages of definitions! Which came to 148 definitions. I stopped reading after about 100, but did check the last one. Many of them were not flattering, but here are the ones that I think my senior "translator" and the young man on Facebook meant:

#19: something very stylish, cool or badass

#26: a term for a cool style of living or just a cool type of person

#33: something that is positive, cool, neat or sweet, as they say (um, who's "they?")

#83: someone who keeps it real, thug.

#86: a friggin' awesome (ok, being a lady, i can't print the term here, but it begins with "m" and ends with "-er," and i usually only use it when alone with the Pink Power Ranger. you figure it out.....)

#148: an individual who is NOT of limited intelligence but rather an individual who is able to gain respect in areas where you need to fight your way to the top. Does not necessarily mean inner city men, or rappers. Also does not need to break laws to be a gangsta.

My. This has been educational. Must be all those "gangsta" ties that the Urban Dad wears to school every day. (he has a weakness for the Italian ones)

I might go buy him this t-shirt.

Like oh my gawd and tooootally gag me if he isn't like the most totally bitchin' dude! Fer shuuuure!


Karen said...

lol - When I try to use words like "G" that I hear my son and his friends use, he pats me on the head. oh well.


Tiffany (aka T, Tiffers, Tiffster, and Pally) said...

Hilarious! Love the mood music.
Go you for having such a hot hubby.

Jenni said...

Okay, so now I can't figure out what this word that starts with m and ends with er is. Well, there's one word I can think of, but it doesn't seem right. This is going to drive me nuts until I sit up, wide awake, at 2 a.m. and say, "Aha! It's __________!" Then dh will wake up and wonder why I just yelled whatever word it is I yelled.

About this G business, though. Isn't it weird that words we would have thought carried a bad meaning when we were in high school are now cool? Pimp, ho, gangsta--I'm sure there are more. It's bizarre.

The vice principal at the high school here is Mr. Gee and I do think I've heard oldest ds joke that he is a "G". (He was clearly being punny.) I just never asked what that meant. All the kids love him though.

june cleaver said...

you know, my favorite song this minute is Jesse McCartney's "Leavin" and in there he says something about a "G Fly" or at least that is what I think he is saying... it all makes sense now. Sort of. Dang am I old. I thought he was talking about a G spot... but what do I know.

What ever happened to "cool"??? It says it all!

Laura said...

Okay - I just want you to know that I have a crazy day ahead of me (and I'm kinda dreading it.)
But this post and that "Gangsta" button is hilarious.
Thank you for giving me the right perspective for a Friday.
I'm just going to laugh my way through it.

G said...

That t-shirt is too funny!